Due to the COVID-19 quarantine, multicultural influencers have needed to change their strategies to communicate on social media. Here at OYE, we investigated how influencers are managing this quarantine and how they are preparing for a post-coronavirus world. This week our multicultural influencer is an incredible woman that is very well-known on Instagram and has a very interactive community. 

Her name is Krystal Badillo, or @krystalbadillopr on social media, and she is a model, comedian, and fitness influencer from Puerto Rico. Her career as a public figure started when she ran for Miss Universe – Puerto Rico in 2018 with the mission of inspiring women to achieve whatever they want to do. She didn’t win the competition, but that motivated her to reinvent and keep exploring her talents and herself by becoming a well-known social media influencer.

“I use comedy to help people laugh at difficult times.”

This quarantine has changed the game for influencers and content creators to stay connected and find new strategies to express themselves and interact with their followers. Krystal told us that she decided to use comedy and humor as a way of getting people to laugh and enjoy what they have. Of course, with the responsibility of staying home and being safe.


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¡Que rico la estoy pasando!… En mi casa.. 😭

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What challenges does this quarantine bring to you as an Influencer?

Her biggest challenge has been innovation and creativity. Because sometimes influencers have a great idea but may not have the props, and can’t go out to buy them. They have to innovate, potentially create them and make the best out of what they have. Also, audiences want new content all the time, and as an influencer, they have to find the best solutions for their followers to engage no matter the circumstances. That is why Krystal has been doing a lot of Instagram Stories, Lives, and Tik Tok Challenges to stay connected with her community.

“Exercising is a great way to release stress.”

Also, as Krystal loves to exercise, she has been inspiring people to be active in this quarantine by working out. She explains that it is a great way to release stress and to stay physically active and is something that the World Health Organization has been encouraging.


🔥Rapid-Fire questions🔥

Birthday: August 21, 1995.

Birthplace: Puerto Rico.

Number of followers: 43.6k.

Favorite food: Ice Cream and my Grandmas corned beef.

Favorite skincare product: Ledermis.

Person you admire the most: Alexandra Fuentes and Ellen Degeneres.

Something people wouldn’t guess about you: She was a soccer player!

Favorite Netflix series: Money Heist.

Favorite YouTuber: Hannah Stocking. 

Favorite brand: Fashion Nova. 

Biggest fear: Losing someone close. 

Favorite Quote: “They can take everything from you except knowledge.”

Favorite word: Love. 

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