First Internship Experience

I started my O.Y.E. internship experience in January 2023. As this was my first internship, I was nervous and excited to begin here. I was still determining what to expect and whether I would succeed in this field. Eric Diaz, one of the partners at O.Y.E., interviewed me and brought me onto the team. I felt welcomed right away; everyone was amicable. I was very persistent in working on different marketing materials. I wanted to learn this industry, focus on digital marketing, and move on to another marketing area. I wanted to explore the marketing world while also understanding how the business world works. Eric and the team have shown me many different things about how the business operates, which will help me when I start my own company one day.

Marketing Efforts for O.Y.E. Intelligence

During my O.Y.E. internship experience, I explored many different areas of marketing, such as creating blogs, posting on social media, creating TikToks for our sister brand, finding influencers for one of our important beauty clients, and creating several short studies on popular topics using our proprietary software. Creating a short study was labor-heavy, but it was also very intriguing. My first study was Avatar: The Way of Water to see what diverse audiences thought about the film. In this examination, I was tasked to review online users’ comments, compare women’s to men’s posts, understand what drove positive vs. negative sentiment, learn about the Latino Index, and much more. 

Blogs and Social Media

Eryn Schauble at the 2023 AMA Spectrum Awards

Eryn Schauble at the 2023 AMA Spectrum Awards

Not to toot my own horn 📣, but I did post the majority of blogs created during my O.Y.E. internship experience. Granted, most blogs were sourced using quotes and opinions from professionals in their respective industries, so they weren’t the most difficult. But it was still amazing to experience the process of posting these blogs to social media to promote that we have tips and strategies for people looking at specific topics. I got a little carried away with some of them; I am also a Cybersecurity major from ASU, so I wanted to see professional tips on cybersecurity issues for instance.

Creating TikToks had its moments, as I am not one to get in front of the camera. I am a behind-the-scenes kind of girl, so I was surprised when one of my TikToks acquired 2k views within a couple of days. It was amazing that it got so much traffic. I found it hilarious that making a lunch TikTok gained so much attention; it was one of my proudest moments during my internship.

Client Work

One of my favorite tasks was finding influencers for the international hair products brand, Got2b. I enjoyed going through Instagram and seeing people of diverse cultures and backgrounds share their talent in the beauty and cosmetic industry. I was excited to be part of the process of hiring people for Got2b during this O.Y.E. internship experience. The whole process was fun and enlightening, as I have never worked with any company that does this. I enjoyed learning how to find influencers and how to contact them to see if they wanted to work with our clients.

O.Y.E. internship experience

Final Thoughts

I have enjoyed working for this company. My fellow employees treated me like one of their own; I never felt like I was out of place there. The environment is relaxed, and the team puts a lot of trust in their interns. It was a fantastic experience! I have learned so much during this O.Y.E. internship experience and am excited to explore more of the marketing world ahead of me.


For internship-seekers, please apply through our Nativa website. For more information on what it’s like to work as an intern with O.Y.E. check out other blogs posted by past interns!