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OYE! Business Intelligence provides national and international government organizations a timely assessment of online Hispanic conversations that can be used to assess campaign effectiveness as well as to determine resource allocation priorities. Download the Hispanic government market research report from this page.

  • In a 2016 Zika virus analysis, it was found that online users in Latin America as well as U.S. Hispanics mentioned specific cases of Zika and birth defects most often when discussing the issue online.
  • In the same study, a large portion of sentiment analyzed was neutral, referring to the tendency among Hispanic online users to share information about the virus while the largest segment of positive sentiment was for treatment conversations.
  • Hispanic women mentioned travel and birth defects most often, at 69% and 61% respectively. Men favored posting about prevention (48%) in regards to the Zika virus.
  • Conversation among Hispanics in Latin America about the Zika virus thrived in Mexico and trickled down throughout South America.


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