Multicultural Financial Services Research


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Multicultural Financial Services Research

In a world of financial service options – How do brands cut through the noise among the multicultural audience?

The financial services world is pushing further each day into additional technology services. Hispanics are well-positioned for this transition as 69% of them already use mobile banking services, outpacing all ethnic groups.

OYE’s recent data shows that 82% of Hispanic content in the life insurance space is in English. It was noted that Hispanics tend to use Spanish more frequently when they generate content themselves as opposed to responding to content published by brands in English.

The 35-44 age demographic is the most engaged group in the financial services industry. But as the demographics are examined in the younger age groups, Hispanic females are more heavily engaged in the conversation.
In an O.Y.E. Hispanic Home Buyer study, it was found that Amenities of a home were of increased importance for Spanish-speakers while Bathrooms in a home were discussed more often by English-speakers.
From the same home buying report it was revealed that was the most used website by U.S. Hispanics throughout the home buying process.


MassMutual Insurance

The Challenge

MassMutual had a problem not unique to many brands in their respective industries. They, in an environment with well-known competitors with deep marketing budgets such as State Farm, Allstate, and New York Life, were competing with giants.

The Fortune 100 firm knew the Hispanic market was important to their long term strategy, however, how do you do reach this audience when your competition is already so far ahead?

Our Approach

MassMutual decided to begin with strategic research, and they would rely on insights from O.Y.E. to help them by learning from what works and didn’t work for their peer brands as well as their own independent life insurance agents marketing efforts to engage the Hispanic audience. They also wanted to know what demographics of Hispanics tended to discuss life insurance needs.


The client wisely began with a one-year research study to understand the Hispanic insurance conversation and set a baseline from which ongoing conversation could be measured. Due to this, the MassMutual brand has been able to effectively track and learn from the Hispanic conversation on a monthly basis so that they can quickly react to what campaigns are working as well as provide feedback to their independent agents in the field.

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