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Multicultural Beauty Audience Research

Expand your Beauty Brand’s Role with the Influential Diverse Shopper

Recent data shows that diverse consumers represent a major source of growth within the $60 Billion+ U.S. beauty category. In fact, while segments such as hair care, personal care, and shaving needs are seeing declines in the industry, they are experiencing significant growth within specific ethnic categories such as the Hispanic market. Download any of O.Y.E.’s multicultural beauty market research reports below!

The average U.S.-born Hispanic household spends an average of $275 on beauty each year, compared with $267 for foreign-born Hispanics. That number drops to $213 annually for non-Hispanics.

O.Y.E. has extensive experience working with Global 2000 brands within the beauty industry and has helped these brands to understand which types of campaigns resonate with the dynamic multicultural consumer.

O.Y.E. data shows that certain beauty brands drive acculturated, English-speaking Hispanic consumers to their product, while other beauty brands are found to resonate online with Spanish-speaking U.S. Hispanics

Competitive brands in the beauty space are found to have different strategies on alternative social channels; O.Y.E. helps determine which plans create conversations with consumers of different ethnic backgrounds.

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Got2b | Multicultural Influencer Platform

The Challenge

Got2b came to O.Y.E. to assist in development of a robust multicultural marketing strategy for their global hair style/care brand. The Global 2000 company wanted to avoid the typical multicultural marketing campaign. Instead, they insisted on a data-focused, authentic campaign to engage consumers in a meaningful way.

Our Approach

O.Y.E. was used to track daily multicultural influencer interactions. The O.Y.E. platform listened in English, Spanish, and other languages through Instagram and Twitter to find opportunities to surprise and delight influential nationwide consumers who took to social media to mention having a bad hair day, being bored with their hair, or having any general hair issue. This allowed the two brands to have a chance to brighten these consumers’ days by sending them a branded care package full of product and fun ideas for Got2b inspired styles.


In the first 60 days of the program, over 100 user-generated content (UGC) posts were created by Got2b fans, accounting for 27,000+ engagements and 150,000+ total possible impressions.

Content posts:

49% of all social media users that received branded care packages, created organic posts for the brand.


Multiple postings:

Consumers posted numerous times, leading to an average of 1.5 posts per care package.



Among all engaged fans, one user generated Instagram video post from a 19-year-old aspiring singer / college student from California generated over 30,000 engagements on its own, highlighting the unique campaign

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