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Education: Understanding & Reaching the High School & College-going Latino

In 2014, 35% of Hispanics ages 18 to 24 were enrolled in a two or four-year college. However, only 15% of Hispanics aged 25-29 have a four-year degree, lagging all other ethnic groups. Clearly, there is an opportunity to better understand the young Hispanic in seek of education. This is the go to page for any business looking for Hispanic Education Market Research

  • Hispanic education conversations in the Southwest region were mostly found to be in English, dominating 95% of the total conversation. It was interesting to note that 4% of all mentions were Bilingual, meaning there was at least 1 word found in both Spanish and English in each post.
  • Student Loans made up just 2% of the total Southwest Hispanic conversation (not counting Graduation), 15% of that being positive sentiment influenced by mentions by users of paying off their loans.
  • A popular topic for Hispanics in the Southwest was mentions of transferring from a college to a university. 4% of all conversation (not counting graduation) pertained to Transfers which was nearly identical to general market mentions for the same topic.
  • The majority of Southwest Hispanic conversation came from Instagram with 89% of total volume from this channel. Driving mentions was Instagram followed by Twitter.
  • Bilingual mentions in the Southwest were mostly powered by Graduations, with that topic driving 89% of all Spanglish posts. These mentions most often contained an English statement, followed by numerous hashtags of which several were written in Spanish such as: #graduacion or #orgullo.


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