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Multicultural Education Market Research

Understanding and Reaching the High School and College going Multicultural Audience

Recent data shows that 35% of Hispanics aged 18 to 24 were enrolled in a two or four-year college. However, only 15% of Hispanics aged 25-29 have a four-year degree, lagging all other ethnic groups. Clearly, there is an opportunity to better understand the young Hispanic in seek of education. This is the go-to page for any organization looking for Multicultural Education Market Research – help yourself to download any of our free research papers below.

O.Y.E research found that Hispanic education conversations were mostly in English, dominating 95% of the total conversation. To note is that 4% of all mentions were Bilingual, meaning there was at least 1 word found in both Spanish and English in each post.
Student Loans made up just 2% of the total Hispanic conversation (not counting Graduation), 15% of that being positive sentiment influenced by mentions by users of paying off their loans.
A popular topic for Hispanics was mentions of transferring from a college to a university. O.Y.E found that 4% of all conversation pertained to Transfers which was nearly identical to general market mentions for the same topic.
Bilingual mentions were mostly powered by Graduations, with that topic driving 89% of all Bilingual (Spanglish) posts. These mentions most often contained an English statement, followed by numerous hashtags of which several were written in Spanish such as: #graduacion or #orgullo.


Arizona State University

The Challenge

Arizona State University (ASU) came to O.Y.E. to understand more about multicultural students’ attitudes and interests when it comes to selecting a college. The largest university in the country was specifically interested in performing social listening on what were the main concerns and topics of discussion among both Spanish-speaking and bilingual Hispanics. Overall, the university wanted to better address their college-going audience and create strong marketing strategies across digital channels.

Our Approach

O.Y.E. technology was used to provide critical details into the interests of Hispanic students through their own statements about university selection decisions through online conversation. O.Y.E. was set to monitor Hispanic online conversation daily to see how Arizona State University marketing activities influenced over-arching goals, including share of voice (SOV), sentiment, and more.


Due to O.Y.E.’s social listening efforts, numerous insights of value were discovered. For instance, it was found that the majority of Hispanics spoke in English about universities. This observation provided guidance into the language of content ASU should use to attract future students.


ASU had a higher volume of mentions from Hispanics overall, but other schools such as UCLA had a higher percentage of Hispanic mentions (15.7%) over ASU (11.1%).


Opportunities for improvement were discovered for ASU, including that other schools such as UCLA had a higher positive sentiment in mentions of their university.

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