Market Research

Looking to get started with understanding how diverse consumers feel about your brand? O.Y.E. market research analysis is a great way to test the waters and build knowledge on where your brand stands in the competitive marketplace.

Two options for this exist:
A one time analysis sets a baseline for your company that allows you to monitor your growth throughout the year against your competitors and peers. It is also recommended for companies that would like to track the effectiveness of a specific ad campaign or event without making a long term commitment.

Monthly Multicultural Market Trends reports are emailed monthly allowing your brand or organization to make swift decisions on your strategy.

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What will O.Y.E. Track?

  • African American and U.S. Hispanic similarities and contrasts
  • Volume of conversation by ethnicity in comparison with the general market
  • Sentiment analysis by ethnicity
  • Gender segmentation by ethnicity
  • Language analysis comparing Hispanics by level of acculturation
  • Top locations by ethnicity
  • Highest ranked influencers by topic
  • Top Shared posts by ethnicity
  • Topic analysis by ethnicity
  • Hashtag and keyword clouds to effectively see conversation drivers
  • Facial recognition allows your brand to see extended analysis on the ages of consumers whom are driving conversation about your products. (*optional)
Finally, your custom report will receive specific insights and recommended actions from OYE! Marketing Analysts based on their review of the data.

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MassMutual Insurance

The Challenge

MassMutual had a problem not unique to many brands in their respective industries. They, in an environment with well-known competitors with deep marketing budgets such as State Farm, Allstate, and New York Life, were competing with giants.

The Fortune 100 firm knew the Hispanic market was important to their long term strategy, however, how do you do reach this audience when your competition is already so far ahead?

Our Approach

MassMutual decided to begin with strategic research, and they would rely on insights from O.Y.E. to help them by learning from what works and didn’t work for their peer brands as well as their own independent life insurance agents marketing efforts to engage the Hispanic audience. They also wanted to know what demographics of Hispanics tended to discuss life insurance needs.


The client wisely began with a one-year research study to understand the Hispanic insurance conversation and set a baseline from which ongoing conversation could be measured. Due to this, the MassMutual brand has been able to effectively track and learn from the Hispanic conversation on a monthly basis so that they can quickly react to what campaigns are working as well as provide feedback to their independent agents in the field.

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