Multicultural Consumer Packaged Goods Research


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Multicultural Consumer Packaged Goods Research

The Ethnically Diverse Consumer – Your brand. Their shopping cart

The consumer goods industry, $636 billion and growing, presents an opportunity for proactive brands to interact with diverse consumers in a way that will resonate with this group and make a lasting impression in the shopping aisle. O.Y.E. helps our CPG brands to understand what drives multicultural conversation and how that social chatter can impact sales. Download any of O.Y.E.’s consumer goods research reports below!

O.Y.E. has helped over 10 CPG brands in various product lines make proactive business decisions based on current ethnic conversation patterns.

Certain CPG segments such as soy milk are found to be heavily female-focused when it comes to diverse consumer conversation.

Ethnic micro-influencers (typically social media users with between 10K-150K social media followers) are increasingly important to keeping CPG brands relevant and discussed on social channels.

Hair care is a segment of CPG found to rank very highly in Spanish and bilingual conversation among Hispanics; likely inspired by the role of CPG advertisers on Spanish-language mediums such as People en Español.



The Challenge

P&G’s brand, Charmin, approached O.Y.E. with the goal to find out how diverse consumers felt about their product and the Enjoy the Go advertising campaign. The plan was to monitor online conversations via social media, websites, and forums to measure multicultural sentiment toward the Charmin brand.

Our Approach

Over a 6-month period, the O.Y.E. team used sophisticated online listening software to closely monitor all relevant online conversations surrounding the Charmin brand among hard-to-reach audiences. Among other marketing data the O.Y.E. team tracked were volume, sentiment, social channels and conversation drivers. Reports were compiled on a monthly basis to provide key insights to the Charmin team on the multicultural audience and were supported by recommendations from O.Y.E.


Based on the volume and sentiment of online conversations in Spanish and Spanglish, O.Y.E. found that the Hispanic community had a much stronger affinity toward the Charmin bears brand mascot than the general population. The Charmin bears had in fact become a part of Hispanic daily life and online conversation. O.Y.E. found that online Hispanics often used the term abrazos Charmin (translates to Charmin hugs) in their conversations. Teenage girls were so fond of the brand that they even were discovered referring to their boyfriends as their osito Charmin (little Charmin bear)! Through online listening, Charmin learned that there was a significant difference between how the Hispanic market and the general market felt about their brand and their most recent ad campaign. Charmin was impressed with the data insights into the deep connection between the brand and the Hispanic community and these insights were used to influence future Hispanic marketing communications.

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