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The Hispanic Consumer - Your brand, their cart.

The consumer goods industry, $636 billion and growing, presents an opportunity for proactive brands to interact with Hispanic consumers in a way that will resonate with this group and make a lasting impression in the shopping aisle. OYE! helps our CPG brands to understand what drives Hispanic conversation and how that social chatter can impact sales.

  • OYE! has helped over 10 CPG brands in various product lines make proactive business decisions based on current Hispanic conversation patterns.
  • Certain CPG segments such as soy milk are found to be heavily female-focused when it comes to Hispanic consumer conversation.
  • Hispanic micro-influencers (people with between 10K-149K social media followers) are increasingly important to keeping CPG brands relevant and discussed on social channels.
  • Hair care is a segment of CPG found to rank very highly in Spanish and bilingual conversation among Hispanics; likely inspired by the role of CPG advertisers on Spanish-language mediums such as People en Español.


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