Multicultural Influencer Experiences

We discover diverse influencers that match your specifications and send them custom packages with your products delivering memorable experiences

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How does your company measure Multicultural KPIs?

We Connect Brands With Influencers and Micro-influencers to Drive Measurable Results. Our creative influencers post engaging content that gets views!

@Soyregia posted for FUD and her instagram post received 28,160 views and 741 likes!

This Instagram post from @Iamtyannah 
got 23,600 views and 2,300 likes!

@Cookingwithlove_4my5 posted a very re-grammable picture on her Instagram!

@Dlondo24 posts a picture of himself beach-side, rocking a look from our client Got2b hair products.

Multicultural influencer Experiences

Our Process?

Our team uses O.Y.E. software to find top diverse social media influencers that match your target audience.

Our team ships your swag or products to these top influencers, ensuring delivery as quickly as same-day!

Your influencers love your care package and share User Generated Content (UGC) on their social channels, write blogs, create un-boxing videos and more!

Finding and negotiating with influencers as well as the receiving, packaging, and shipping orders to them takes significant time and money! We understand that your plate is already full, which is why we created the Multicultural Influencer Experiences platform to offer a one-stop-shop and handle everything including:

01 Identify & Sign

Finding multicultural influencers that match your specific guidelines and agree to your terms of work.

03 Logistics

Procurement, packaging, and fulfillment of all needed materials in order to supply the experience / product / swag to each influencer.

02 Gather

Communicating and obtaining addresses from influencers for the package they will receive.

04 Compliance

We treat each influencer with the highest level of respect to gain positive affiliation with your brand.  We also provide follow-ups to ensure compliance with your terms.

How it Works

O.Y.E. Discovers Diverse Influencers

How It Works:


STEP 1. O.Y.E. will provide a presentation of relevant influencers who will each post multiple branded content posts. This presentation will provide influencers backgrounds/personas in an easy-to-read presentation for review & feedback.

STEP 2. Once feedback is received from the client, selected influencers will sign a contract with us to create branded content during the year on channels including Instagram Stories, Instagram Posts, YouTube and/or TikTok Videos.

STEP 3. All posts from influencers will tag the brand, will name the product properly, and will mention where to buy the products, as well as include specific campaign hashtags.

All Multicultural Influencers
Are Qualified Based On

  • Influencers range on social media following from 10,000 to 1,000,000 approximately.
  • Engagement Rate (must have a minimum of 2%)
  • Audience geography (the majority of each influencer’s audience must reside in the U.S.)
  • Appropriate, relevant content to the client’s industry
  • Comment Quality (Are the comments relevant to the content)


Once the products and/or swag are received from you, we take care of everything else!

Multicultural influencer Experiences

4 Benefits of Using O.Y.E. Multicultural Influencer Experiences

Cost Effective

ROI is high; For typical campaigns, CPE is under $0.40 each and CPM is under $5.00.


Influencers are engaged long term for our clients and can be activated for future campaigns.


Re-use creative posts for Regrams as well as other internal marketing collateral.


Our case studies with global clients proves the efficacy of this type of influencer campaign.

Clients we serve

Tracking Performance and Monthly Reporting

Tracking performance

Providing our clients visual performance statistics is a vital part of our offering and these reports are often the highlights of internal marketing metrics meetings. O.Y.E. Multicultural Influencer Experiences provides performance details on metrics including:

  • Quantity of User Generated Content Posts (UGC)
  • Number of Impressions
  • Number of Video Views
  • Number of Engagements
  • Engagement Rate
  • Images of Top Posts
  • Regram / Retweet Opportunities
  • Ambassador 
  • and MORE!

Monthly Reports

Monthly results reporting is included to better understand the engagement created through Multicultural Influencer Experiences.

These reports include Regram/Retweet opportunities, brand ambassador introductions, and all metrics mentioned above.

Frequently Asked 

Q: We primarily market to the general audience, not necessarily multicultural consumers. Can we use Multicultural Experiences?

A: Absolutely. O.Y.E. can be used for ALL audiences, regardless of interest, gender, ethnicity, etc.

Q: We already have a mailing list of influencers/clients that we want to provide an Experience for via O.Y.E., is this possible?

A: Definitely. Simply provide these contact details and we will start with your own influencers or clients.

Q: In regards to FTC requirements, how does O.Y.E. Multicultural Experiences comply with FTC disclosure requirements?

A: We ensure that all of our influencers follow the standard guidelines in disclosure, in which the FTC recommends to give readers the essential information and provide a simple disclosure. We refer to these guidelines, and particularly these Q&A’s on the FTC site.



The Challenge

FUD USA, a high-end Mexican food brand under the Bar-S umbrella, had the goal to create organic brand awareness and to engage Hispanic influencers to try their fine and unique foods. O.Y.E., together with the FUD team, wanted to create an authentic campaign to drive meaningful Hispanic consumer engagement. It was up to O.Y.E. to strategize the best way to communicate with these potential customers and brand influencers through social media.

Our Approach

O.Y.E.’s software methodology was used to find opportunities to delight influential Latinos who use social media to talk about food, recipes, and more. This provided FUD USA a chance to engage Hispanic consumers naturally by sending them a personalized box of swag and even coolers full of their meats and cheeses. The robust campaign included monthly giveaways as well to drive multiple engagement points. Messaging was geared primarily towards Mexican consumers who know FUD USA already as a premium brand in Mexico.


FUD’s results with the Hispanic consumer were outstanding. Among them:
One user-generated Instagram video post from a Hispanic influencer with 77,000 followers posted 33 times for the brand on her social media channels including a livestream video on Facebook that had over 10,000 views.

During one month, the multicultural campaign generated more than 10,000 engagements and 670,000 impressions.

O.Y.E. has worked with 250+ influencers in the most recent year for the FUD USA brand. These influencers have created over 7,000,000 impressions and have shared 400+ posts for the brand at a cost per engagement (CPE) well under their normal cost of advertising.

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