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Multicultural Consumers – Fast Food Market Research

Appetite for Relevant Content – The Multicultural Consumer

Since 1970, the U.S. Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) industry has grown to over $200 billion annually. Hispanics, who on average visit 6.3 fast-food restaurants each month, drive that growth and over-index U.S. consumers across all subcategories – including Pizza, Mexican, Hamburgers, Chicken, Asian and more. Download any of O.Y.E.’s multicultural food & beverage research reports below.

Hispanics tend to use Spanish more frequently when they generate content themselves, as opposed to responding to content published by brands or influencers that was posted originally in English.
O.Y.E. research found that the majority of social conversation related to the QSR industry comes from the Hispanic male audience. Females tend to share images of eating with friends and enjoying one brand over another. Men also share companion images but tend to post more information about the food itself.
Conversation tends to be positive in the QSR space among diverse consumers. Much of the positive sentiment relates to friends and family enjoying food together. Satisfying cravings, first-time experiences and late-night enjoyment also delivered strong positive conversation.
Overall, ethnic consumers like to share their experience eating inside fast-food restaurants by posting comments about their satisfaction, fulfilling craves or anticipating going to a favorite restaurant.



The Challenge

FUD USA, a high-end Mexican food brand under the Bar-S umbrella, had the goal to create organic brand awareness and to engage Hispanic influencers to try their fine and unique foods. O.Y.E., together with the FUD team, wanted to create an authentic campaign to drive meaningful Hispanic consumer engagement. It was up to O.Y.E. to strategize the best way to communicate with these potential customers and brand ambassadors through social media.

Our Approach

O.Y.E.’s software methodology was used to find opportunities to delight influential Latinos who use social media to talk about food, recipes, and more. This provided FUD USA a chance to engage Hispanic consumers naturally by sending them a personalized box of swag and even coolers full of their meats and cheeses. The robust campaign included monthly giveaways as well to drive multiple engagement points. Messaging was geared primarily towards Mexican consumers who know FUD USA already as a premium brand in Mexico.


FUD’s results with the Hispanic consumer were outstanding. Among them:

One user-generated Instagram video post from a Hispanic influencer with 77,000 followers posted 33 times for the brand on her social media channels including a livestream video on Facebook that had over 10,000 views.


During one month, the Multicultural Surprise & Delight campaign generated more than 10,000 engagements and 670,000 impressions.


O.Y.E. has worked with 250+ influencers in the most recent year for the FUD USA brand. These influencers have created over 7,000,000 impressions and have shared 400+ posts for the brand at a cost per engagement (CPE) well under their normal cost of advertising.

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