Diverse Audience Opinions Surrounding Popular Retail Ice Cream Brands

Project Description

One of the best remedies to combat the summer heat is the widely beloved treat: ice cream! In this O.Y.E. report, we looked at over one year’s worth of social media conversations regarding several of the top retail ice cream brands, such as Blue Bunny, Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, and Häagen-Dazs to gain a better understanding of multicultural opinions ice cream. For instance, there was much conversation surrounding Ben & Jerry’s and their vocalization on contentious social issues. We discussed how the brand uses their platform in a previous short study surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. Get the latest scoop from diverse audience opinions on ice cream brands that are some of the most popular choices in freezer aisles everywhere. Download the report for free to see all findings.


This analysis was extrapolated from a data set of 55,371 conversations on Twitter, of which 11,174 were from verified U.S. Hispanics and 8,221 were from verified Black Americans. All data was gathered from 6/04/2020 – 6/04/2021.

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