Black and Hispanic Employees Return to Work – Analysis of Conversations  Surrounding Workforce Challenges

Project Description

With the roller coaster of issues going on in our world and economy, many Black and Hispanic employees are experiencing workforce challenges. The covid-19 pandemic has been a huge factor when it comes to the decisions lots of people have been faced with worldwide in considering their return to work. Many online discussions have reviewed why Black and Hispanic employees return to work or don’t return to work based on their unique situations. In this report, the O.Y.E. software platform was used to analyze what issues regarding returning to work were most discussed among Black and Hispanic employees. In the analysis, there were many conversations surrounding topics like unemployment, being on the job hunt, and the effect vaccine mandates will have on the economy. Download the free report now to read this fascinating report on workforce challenges.



Methodology – Black and Hispanic Employees Return to Work Analysis

This analysis was extrapolated from a data set of 45,202 conversations on Twitter, of which 5,855 were from verified U.S. Hispanics and 2,944 were from verified Black Americans. All data was gathered from 11/1/2021 – 11/8/2021.

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