Multicultural Analysis for 6 Different types of Cancer

Project Description

Cancer is one of the world’s largest health problems. The Global Burden of Disease estimates that 9.56 million people died prematurely as a result of cancer in 2017. Every sixth death in the world is due to cancer. It is important to understand the trending discussions and topics based on these 6 prevalent types of cancer because it is so common around the world. These topics have implications on consumer behavior, politics, health care sentiments and more. In this report, the O.Y.E. software was utilized to deliver hispanic cancer sentiment based on social media conversations on Twitter about six different types of cancer during the dates of 2/12/2020 – 2/19/2020.

Acquiring an understanding of Black American and Hispanic cancer sentiment allows the public to see how individuals are being individually impacted by the disease. 

Insights cover volume, language, gender analysis, location, keyword word cloud, and top shared posts.

This analysis was extrapolated from a sample of 138,758 Twitter conversations online discussing cancer of which 5,665 were from verified Hispanics and 2,438 conversations were from verified African Americans.

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