Banning TikTok –

Multicultural Analysis

Project Description

This study aims to delve into the multicultural opinions about banning TikTok. When Zhou Zi Chew, the CEO of TikTok, arrived in the United States to advocate against the app’s potential ban, it ignited a wave of controversial opinions throughout various social media platforms. The significance of this conversation prompted the creation of a concise study to gain a clearer understanding of the prevailing sentiments on this matter.

The research conducted for this study delves into the multicultural opinions about banning TikTok, with a specific focus on Black Americans and the Hispanic community. The study examines their thoughts and stance on the proposed TikTok ban, exploring whether they agree or disagree with the potential prohibition. Additionally, the research investigates any discernible differences in opinions between genders, examining the varying viewpoints held by males and females. Furthermore, the study analyzes the level of Hispanic interest in TikTok, taking into account factors such as acculturation level.

These valuable insights into this controversial topic aid in the understanding of diverse opinions. Through a thorough examination of multicultural opinions about banning TikTok, this sheds some light on the diverse perspectives. Understanding the nuances and variations in opinions across different cultural groups and genders can contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the topic at hand. Ultimately, this study aims to foster informed discussions and promote a deeper understanding of the implications associated with potentially banning TikTok. Download the free report to learn about this topic!


This analysis was extrapolated from a data set of 38,941 conversations on Twitter to find if banning TikTok was popular with diverse audiences. From these posts, 1,418 were from verified U.S. Hispanics, and 3,115 was from verified Black Americans. All data was gathered from 03/19/2023 – 04/20/2023.

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