O.Y.E. Internship ExperienceMy name is Dylan McKay and I was an intern at the O.Y.E Phoenix office in the summer of 2022. With the pressures of finding a summer internship while the spring semester of my Junior year ended, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders when O.Y.E. and Nativa co-founder, Eric Diaz messaged me about scheduling an interview with him. I knew this was the perfect opportunity to start my professional career, so I had to kill the interview. Right off the bat, I knew this company was the perfect fit for me. Going into the internship I was unsure what type of marketing so I was excited to learn a wide range of marketing tactics that would help me in my future. I was also excited to work under Eric’s supervision because of his marketing knowledge.

On the first day, I finally got to meet Eric in person as well as Justin, Gabriela, and Josh who all helped me in my day-to-day work here at O.Y.E. The casual work environment and the helpfulness of my co-workers made this job so much more enjoyable. Everyone at the office would go out of their way to help me with any clarification I needed on any of my tasks with a smile on their face. Learning something completely new and starting a new job is always a little intimidating but Josh, Justin, and Gabriela made it much more reassuring. 

Throughout college, you get used to working with excel and other programs used in business, but none compare to what the O.Y.E social listening software can do. With the ability to track online conversations through many different channels I was able to create a multicultural analysis short study on a topic that I am passionate about, MLB Baseball teams. Not only during my time with O.Y.E. did I create short studies, but I also helped in the creation of blog posts, many different social media posts on five different social media channels, improve the SEO of new and previous blogs, and much more. I am happy to have had the ability to try so many different aspects of marketing to help me better align my future.

This internship was the opportunity of a lifetime. I am so thankful and fortunate for the opportunity that Eric gave me to improve my skills and provide the stepping stones for my future. After O.Y.E. I will go on to finish up my senior year at ASU and graduate with a degree in marketing and start looking for a full-time marketing job. 

Finally, I would like to thank Eric for the opportunity he has given me to work for his company. I will always appreciate his helpfulness and his willingness to stop what he is doing and help me with any of the tasks that I was working on. Not many bosses will give you the hands-on experience that Eric has given me. He has provided the framework for what my marketing career will be like in the future and I could not be more excited to keep improving my marketing, networking, and social media skills for my future job/internship. 


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