MLB Multicultural Analysis: Favorite MLB Teams Among Black and Hispanic Fans

Project Description

Nothing beats a ballpark hot dog and cheering for your favorite team at an MLB baseball game. With teams scattered across all of the United States and into Canada, you can choose to root for your hometown team, the team that’s doing best, or even the underdog. In this MLB multicultural analysis, the O.Y.E. team picked five top MLB teams: Padres, Dodgers, Astros, Yankees, and Red Sox, to share insights on which of these popular teams are discussed in the highest frequency among Black and Hispanic fans on social media. Download the free MLB multicultural analysis to find out more.


To find out which teams were the most talked about by Black and Hispanic fans, we used the O.Y.E Social Listening tool. This analysis was extrapolated from a data set of 152,582 conversations on Twitter, of which 43,451 were from verified U.S. Hispanics and 4,915 were from verified Black Americans. All data was gathered from 04/16/2022 – 6/26/2022.

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