better social listening to customersIs Social Listening a One-Way Street?

To help social listening technology companies create better relationships with users, we asked tech professionals and marketers around the country their opinion on the topic. From performing this brief research project with the goal of improving the user experience, below are 6 ways social listening companies can better listen to customers. 

6 Ways Social Listening Companies can better Listen to Customers:

  • “Overheard On Social” Campaigns
  • Explain the Benefits of Mutual Understanding
  • Through Search Listening
  • Analyze Patterns and Trends
  • Offer Customization
  • Be Responsive to User Feedback

“Overheard On Social” Campaigns

Here’s what Michael Alexis from TeamBuilding had to say about how things are being overheard on social media. “One unique way for a social listening technology company to connect with social media users is by doing an “overheard” style content campaign. Content managers can cherry-pick some of the more humorous and interesting listening finds and repost on their own handle. The quoted users get more visibility on the company handle, and followers or potential followers get value in the form of funny content. This content strategy is a lighthearted way to connect to the core audience and use the technology in a fun and creative way. Also, using Instagram’s collaboration feature to cross-post on the original author’s handle is a way to boost the visibility of these posts.”

Explain the Benefits of Mutual Understanding

Michael Sena from SENACEA shares his idea, “The idea of being tracked online scares many people as they often see only the negative side. Showing examples of how it fosters mutual understanding and meaningful dialogue can help convince the subjects of such technology that they can also benefit from it. Presenting cases of meaningful engagements where businesses responded to customers’ claims can do the trick.”

Through Search Listening

Karolina Zajac from Passport Photo Online explained, “Search listening is an excellent way to maintain better relationships with social media users. The strategy looks at what people search for, revealing their desires and most significant concerns. Indeed, the better you understand your audience, the more effective you communicate.”

Analyze Patterns and Trends

Stewart McGrenary from Freedom Mobiles explained Patterns and Trends, “Social listening is about gaining insights into what your customers and potential customers want from you and finding a way to better address those needs by utilizing tracking metrics. This allows companies to analyze patterns and trends over time, rather than just individual comments. These overall insights can have the most powerful effects in guiding future strategy.”

Offer Customization

Matthew Ramirez from Paraphrase shares, “A social listening technology company can gain a better relationship with the social media users it listens to by providing a more user-friendly platform with customizable options, as well as more detailed insights and analytics. Additionally, the company could offer more interactive and engaging features, such as quizzes or contests to help users feel more engaged with the platform.”

Be Responsive to User Feedback

Finally, Claire Westbrook from LSAT Prep Hero shared with our team, “One way for social listening technology companies to create a relationship with their users is by being transparent and communicating effectively. In addition, it’s crucial to be responsive to user feedback and suggestions in order to foster trust and loyalty. By establishing trust and building strong relationships with users, social listening technology companies can create a community of loyal customers who will advocate on behalf of the company and its products.”


Special thanks to Terkel for assistance in compiling this article.