“I want to stand out as a multicultural mom and raise my kids in a diverse home”.

This is what @multiculturalmaven told us in her interview for OYmulticultural content creatorE and we are so glad to select this empowered Hispanic woman as the focus of our next multicultural content creator spotlight.

Her actual name is Niccole and she is a full-time mom and multicultural content creator. She embraces her talents and creativity by making fun, interactive, and honest videos for her followers. She started blogging in 2015 with the mission of impacting her kid’s lives, but last year Niccole decided to rebrand all of her social media channels to start talking more about the Latina lifestyle and focusing more on her heritage.

Collaborations with brands

Niccole has a strong following on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Toc and also has collaborated with amazing brands including Disney, Amazon, Walmart, Nestle, Chevy, Universal Latino, Sea World and more. Her main topics include hairstyles, food, travel, Disney and fun videos.

What is Maven’s passion?

Her passion is to make people laugh by creating videos that anyone can identify with. This allows her to expand her creative side by pushing to be the best at the content she creates, and to be an example to her kids by getting them involved.


What is your favorite memory since becoming an influencer?

Niccole shares that being able to connect to other women, share their problems, as well as life experiences, have been the best parts of becoming an influencer. She once posted a video about how as a Hispanic mom, the solution to everything (not just sickness) is to just apply Vicks Vaporub. Her audience loved it, and were able to easily relate and shared their own similar hilarious stories of doing the same.

Niccole is an amazing woman with very funny and realistic content. She is a must-follow, is extremely inspiring and overall a down to earth person. Here is another of our favorite posts below from @multiculturalmaven.

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2019 Has been an incredible year of growth for me as a person. I have been able to push myself to try public speaking more, as well as help people grow their businesses. Am I an expert no? I don’t consider myself one however I do like helping people. Sometimes I feel we have lost touch with the humanity side of things in our everyday lives. Life shouldn’t be competition it should be about loving and helping each other. You could have all the money in the world and still be miserable, how many artists have we seen still unhappy even though they have everything? Collaboration is key in order to succeed in anything in life. Sure we can do the work but we also get successful by the people we choose to be surrounded with. #womenentrepreneur #womeninbusinessrock #contentcreators #womenbloggers #orlandobloggers #womenrock #collaborate #bloggingcommunity #selflovefirst #strongwords Photo credit @cutefetti

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🔥Rapid-Fire questions🔥

Birthday: August 23rd, 1982

Birthplace: Panama and she lived there until she was 18 

Number of followers: 100,000 

Favorite food: Hispanic food, Panamanian ropa vieja

Favorite skincare product: Aveeno

Person you admire the most: Grandma, she adopted her and has served as her mother since Niccole was a child. Her grandma is now 90 years old.

Something people wouldn’t guess about you: She likes to draw and is a video gamer!

Favorite Netflix series: The Witcher

Favorite YouTuber: LeJuan James

Favorite brand: Disney

Starbucks’ go-to drink: Iced Thai Latte 

Biggest fear: Afraid of heights

Favorite Quote: “Love is the base of everything.”

Favorite word: Si se puede! 


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