The OYE! Intelligence platform provided analysis during the hotly contested Super Tuesday in which six states held their primaries including California, New Jersey, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota . Below we look further at 2016  Super Tuesday Latino Voters analysis insights based on language, volume, and geo-location.


Hispanic Vote 2016 Conversation Volumes

hispanic-vote-2016Bernie Sanders was the most mentioned candidate in total volume, however interestingly all three candidates had the same proportion of Hispanic mentions, at 7% each. In further analysis on confirmed Hispanic conversation Sanders owned 41% of all mentions with Donald Trump coming in second with 33% and Hillary Clinton at 27%. Findings included that Sanders resonated across the Hispanic and general market with his persistence to continue on in the race despite losses on Super Tuesday.



Hispanic Vote 2016 Language Analysis

hispanic-vote-2016_language preferenceHispanics primarily discussed the candidates in English. Notably, bilingual conversation (posts with both English and Spanish) remained small at 1% or less for all candidates. In regards to pure Spanish posts, Hillary Clinton had the most conversation with 23% indicating that Spanish-speaking Hispanics were more likely to mention this candidate than the other two.





hispanic-vote-2016_locationConversation among US Hispanics about Super Tuesday was mainly in the California area and spread throughout the south to Texas and east to the NYC area where New Jersey held its primary as well.





This analysis covers over 10,000 Hispanic verified conversations gathered from a sample of 150,000 Facebook, Twitter and other social forum posts about Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during Super Tuesday 2016. All data was collected on June 7th, 2016.


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