The OYE! Hispanic Influencers’ Tracker analyzes the pulse of online conversations among top Spanish, Bilingual, and English-speaking Hispanics.

Black Panther premiered on February 16th, and OYE! software was used to analyze what topics Hispanic Movie Influencers discussed during this time. The following are the main topics Hispanic Movie Influencers were talking about on Instagram and Twitter from February 15th – February 18th.Top Keywords and Hashtags Among Hispanic Influencers

Black Panther, the long-awaited movie from Marvel, premiered in theaters February 16th and to no surprise it was the second most used hashtag (#blackpanther) among Hispanic Movie Influencers only behind #movies.

Another topic hot among Hispanic Movie Influencers was Elizabeth Olsen who is an actress primarily known for being Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She was a popular topic during the date range because her birthday was on February 16th which was the same day that Black Panther premiered in theaters.

An example post regarding Elizabeth Olsen’s birthday was “Happy Birthday Elizabeth Olsen! What’s your favorite Scarlet Witch moment?”

Unfortunately, while the week was full of excitement for movie-goers, it was also a week of tragedy. Among Hispanic Movie Influencers, there were posts about the Florida school shooting on February 14th. In the chart, there are keywords/hashtags seen such as School (20), Shooting (20), Gun (18) and Florida (13).

An example of a post about the School Shooting was “So in a span of two days we had a school shooting carried out in #Parkland, twin brothers who had made threats to attack children with homemade bombs, and another child who made threats to carry out another school shooting? THIS IS NOT NORMAL #GunReformNow #FloridaShooting”

About OYE!

OYE! is a business intelligence solution that provides organizations with unique insights into Hispanic conversations online, regardless of the language they speak. Our propriety algorithm is able to identify U.S. Hispanic influencers & micro-influencers and track their real-time conversations.

The OYE! solution identified and classified Hispanic influencers using the following criteria: use of relevant hashtags and significant following across social media channels. The Hispanic Influencers’ Tracker will continue to deliver insights throughout 2018.

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