multicultural marketing software internship

Erica and part of the Phoenix team creating a TikTok challenge in the Fall.

My father once told me, “Do not limit yourself. If an obstacle comes your way find other ways to jump over it.”

These words ran through my mind when I received zero feedback from the other internships I had applied for.

Internship Shortage due to COVID

As you may know, during the 2020 COVID-19 surge, many internships nationwide were either canceled or pushed back to 2021. Luckily, however, I came across an opportunity to gain real-world business experience before my looming graduation. I was excited to have come across O.Y.E.’s multicultural software internship. I received a response back from my application within a week and was so excited to know that I was going to be an official Intern at O.Y.E.’s marketing software firm. I was so thankful for this opportunity, ready to get to work despite the pandemic changes around the world.

Working at O.Y.E. as a Multicultural Marketing Software Intern

Interning at O.Y.E. has been a journey! I am currently majoring in Business Administration with a Minor in Project Management. At O.Y.E., I have learned so many important skills that I will carry on to my professional career after graduation. My career goal for the next 2-3 years is to start my own business. Through this internship, I gained valuable skills and experience in social media, data analytics, and multicultural analysis. Moreover, O.Y.E. introduced me to an immense amount of detail on how important marketing is to a company. The first time I was introduced to a short study I thought it was the coolest thing ever. And the fact that I was going to be able to create my own was amazing!


Through creating these short studies, I also had the opportunity to be part of a podcast where I interviewed Professor Joyce Chen from The Ohio State University. The most exciting thing was that the podcast topic was based on a short study topic I had created! This was one of my favorite moments interning at O.Y.E.

multicultural marketing software internship

Erica Rojas and fellow intern Andres Sanchez on their last day at O.Y.E.

Lessons Learned at O.Y.E.

In this internship, I was introduced to Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Analytics, and many other software platforms that I find valuable for every company to utilize. Learning to work well with Asana has also helped me gain experience into what it is like to perform as a project manager as they manage tasks and subtasks. 

Final Thoughts on O.Y.E. Multicultural Marketing Software internship

I would like to also take the time to thank everyone at O.Y.E. who was always superb in providing guidance and feedback on all my projects and tasks. I enjoyed working with the software system here and especially the people at O.Y.E.

Lastly, O.Y.E. has expanded my horizon on how much I can do with technology, social media platforms, analytics software, communication, and networking. I look forward to implementing these strategies and insights into my career and future entrepreneurial business. Overall, working at O.Y.E. has been by far my best internship experience.


Erica Rojas will graduate from Arizona State University in 2021 from the W.P. Carey School of Business.