During Hispanic Heritage Month, universities were a topic discussed often during the month-long celebration. In addition to the 30 day period, OYE! performed social listening analysis on higher education schools and universities, to review the week before Hispanic Heritage Month to gather any announcements of anticipated events and celebrations.

social listening online by school, arizona state 17%, University of Arizona 12%

OYE! looked at the top 9 colleges and universities by attendance to track where conversation during the Hispanic Heritage Month was coming from. The top 2 schools found were from Arizona with 29% of the universities total conversation, not surprising as it is one of the states with the largest Hispanic populations.

Education online conversation by channel, 60% Facebook, 27% Twitter

Universities posted 60% of all mentions on Facebook over Twitter (27%), which was the trending channel overall for Hispanic Heritage Month. Arizona State University (ASU) used hashtag, #HHMatASU during the month of celebrations happening on campus which really pushed mentions for that brand.

Social listening analysis by sentiment, 67% neutral

University conversation was 67% neutral with zero negative sentiment. ASU led positive sentiment, mostly driven by kicking off the month of cultural celebrations with a football game.

hispanic university and education analysis

For universities, almost all the conversation was found in English with 1% for each of Bilingual and Spanish language.  This is in line with similar research OYE has found through other research for the Arizona Hispanic Chamber, and the 2015 DATOS report.

Hispanic University and Education Analysis Methodology

This analysis covers over 44,000 conversations gathered from Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and forums about the topic of Hispanic Hertiage Month. All data was pulled between September 8st and October 15th of 2015.