The Hispanic Millennials Report is Debuted in Texas

“When it comes to craft beer…” The largely Hispanic professional audience waited for the punchline before Hispanic advertising icon Jose Villa delivered, “…under-index in their consumption and interest in craft beer.” The crowd collectively let out at a flat sigh, at one could only guess was disappointment with Anheuser-Busch winning yet again.

The marketers and media professsionals that had gathered Friday morning in Dallas were there to discover the latest findings from a survey of 1,500 Hispanic Millennials that had been collected to better understand this demographic’s tastes and interests in food, beverage, and alcohol. This survey was robust in its findings of what young Hispanics thought about topics such as dieting and organic foods or even brands such as Miller Light, Sriracha and more. For our OYE! team it was a great opportunity for us to add in an additional layer of information to their report, data gathered from what Millennial Hispanics say on these same topics, via social media and the web.

OYE! data provided interesting comparisons to findings from survey data, 5 of which are mentioned here:

#1: Eating healthy versus indulging in appetite:  75% of online conversation relates to indulging in or craving sweets and snacks. All other topics combined for the remaining 25%.

#2: Eating healthy versus indulging in appetite: Hispanic millennials share snacking at 9 times the rate of all other age groups combined.

#3: Mass retail impact on brand consumption: Of the over 5400 unique conversations identified containing mentions of food and beverages, only 2% contain mentions of brands. (such as Coca Cola, Frito Lay, Nestle, Starbucks, Doritos, Pepsi, Red Bull)
#4: Natural versus Processed food consumption: Millennials seek healthy eating advice at less than half the rate of all other age groups.
#5: Natural versus Processed food consumption: Among Hispanics, millennial males talk about organic and natural foods in a negative way at over twice the rate of their female counterparts. Hispanic males have a tendency to think of organic and natural foods as less masculine.

The Challenge for OYE!

For OYE!, key partnerships with innovative teams such as Sensis and ThinkNow Research are an opportunity for us at OYE! to demonstrate the strength of our listening tool. By working with these experts it allows us to test theories and improve the functionality of our proprietary technology, while providing valuable insights on a very relevant and timely topic.

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Finally, several great tweets from the event below, enjoy!