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Welcome to our second blog featuring a multicultural influencer found by the OYE Multicultural Influencer Platform. This time, Kathrin Cedeño, a very proud afro-latina influencer, will be the face of our blog. With her cute smile, natural curls and a personality that shines like the sun, Kathrin has conquered the heart of nearly 5 thousand followers through her Instagram account (@lachicadelafrotv). During our interview with her, we couldn’t stop smiling when listening to her funny and witty answers. We would like to share with you many of the things we learned from her. Keep reading!

Kathrin is 27 years old and is originally from the city of Caracas, Venezuela. She currently resides in Miami, Fl. where she develops herself professionally as a journalist and, for over a year, as a certified Zumba dancer. Additionally, she has a great passion for reading, photography, commercial modeling and … Disney! If you follow her, you might already know what her favorite Disney movie is… 🦁

Kathrin believes that an influencer is someone who is able to genuinely touch the hearts of those who surround him/her, and for this same reason, she considers herself an influencer. For about 6 years, Kathrin has managed to connect with her followers through her self-improvement focused content. In many of the headshots that she shares on Instagram, her afro often ends up being the protagonist and that is why she frequently takes advantage of this platform to share her tips on how to maintain healthy and beautiful curls.

In the past, Kathrin has worked with brands like Movistar and Garnier and has even collaborated on music videos, including this one Kingtana – Como Pasa El Tiempo.

Although Instagram has always been Kathrin’s main platform, she says her YouTube channel is a work in progress and that she would love to devote a bit more time to it. When we asked her what made her different from the rest, Kathrin told us about her adventurous personality and her lack of fear in any situation. This afro-Latina influencer considers herself a cheerful, funny and spontaneous person and says that this is precisely what she intends to convey to her followers. She also says that the audience she seeks to reach is simply people like her with “good vibes”, people who share her different passions, with whom she can share tips and especially from which she can learn.

Afro-Latina influencer during online interview.
A view of Kathrin during our online interview with her.

Rapid-Fire questions🔥

  • Birthday: September 3rd
  • Native city: Caracas, Venezuela🇻🇪
  • City that you call home: Miami
  • Number of followers: 4,710 
  • Favorite food: Pizza🍕
  • Favorite makeup product: Mac fix powder
  • Person you admire the most: Her mom👩‍👧
  • Favorite Netflix series: La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)
  • Favorite YouTuber: Vanessa Suarez (her friend) and Will Smith.
  • Favorite brand: Forever21
  • Starbucks go-to drink: American coffee with 4 Splendas☕
  • Biggest fear: To lose her mom.
  • Favorite quote: “De la locura también se vive” (You can also live from madness)
  • Favorite word(s): “LO MÁXIMO” (THE BEST)😜

Check out some of our very favorite posts by Kathrin and get to know her a bit more!

1. Light eyes, pink lips, this afro-latina influencer totally rocked this pic!

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Smile more, por favor!😁 • • Las cosas con por favor suenan muuucho más bonito. 🙂 • • Hay infinitos motivos para sonreír, tus sueños pueden ser uno 😌 o un buen recuerdo 😂 un logro 😎 un buen chiste 🤣 o las cosquillas 🥵 (eso ya es muy extremo para mis gustos) • • Así que si no consigues motivos, yo te ayudo a conseguir así sea uno chiquirriquitico 👌🏾 • • ¡Estas viv@, ahí va el primero!💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 • • Feliz día equipo…💚✨ • • #LaChicaDelAfroTV #AfroStyle #AfroGirl #Beyourself #MixedGirl #Cachos #Love #Motivation #BeHappy #Afrohair #GoodVibes #smile #happytuesday #afro

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2. #PapiShimba is Kathrin’s absolute best friend. Can you guess what movie inspired his look?

3. Kathrin is proud to always carry Venezuela on her chest.

4. Our featured afro-latina influencer, is a free soul and this pic is the perfect proof.

We hope you enjoyed this interview as much as we did! Go to @lachicadelafrotv to check out her content.