beauty and music multicultural influencerIn this week’s influencer feature we go in a different route featuring beauty and music multicultural influencer, @MarreMusic. Marre’s real name is Maria del Rosario, but she adopted Marre as her stage name which is the name she is most recognized for. Marre started singing in 2007 and became an influencer in 2013 when she began connecting to her fans through her music. She proceeded to further connect with her fans via her favorite topics including fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Recently, Marre was chosen among the 50 most important bloggers worldwide from the Wowcracy Fall-Winter 2015-2016 showcase.

Marre as an Influencer

Marre’s favorite social media platform is Instagram but she also really enjoys connecting with fans on Twitter. She has a passion for Pinterest as well because on this channel she is able to discover new influencers and observe the creativity of others. As an influencer, Marre believes that she is original due to the years of experience that she has obtained over the last 12 years in the industry. Her depth of knowledge allows her to create content that is relevant to her fans which she shares via a powerful voice.

The Posting Process

Marre is very precise about what she wants her content to be and how it will look visually on social media. She says that her posts that go live have typically been created one month ago in order to optimize them for the right moment. Marre starts off by thinking about what she wants to create, then she takes the pictures, creates the caption, edits the pictures, and finally posts the content. Marre is very thoughtful about her posts, as she wants people to feel strongly about female empowerment and educate people to work on what they believe in if that is what makes them happy.

During our interview, Marre had a very bright and energizing personality that reflected her hardworking values. Her replies to our questions showed us how passionate she is about the work that she does as an influencer. Her passion is directly reflected in her music and her posts on social media, which allows her to reach over 730k followers combined across social platforms.

🔥Rapid-Fire Questions🔥

  • Birthday: January 12th
  • Birthplace: Bogota, Colombia
  • Number of followers: 730K combined
  • Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Favorite skincare brand: Dermalogica
  • Favorite make-up brand: Tart, T0o Faced
  • Person you admire the most: Mom
  • Favorite Netflix series: Gossip Girl
  • Favorite brand: Revolve
  • Starbucks go to drink: Hot Caramel Macchiato
  • Biggest fear: Being alone
  • Favorite quote: Siempre terminamos llegando a donde nos espera (We always arrive where we’re meant to be)

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We love this outfit choice by music multicultural influencer, @MarreMusic!

This picture is so eye-catching! Love the green!

This beauty and music multicultural influencer, @MarreMusic showing us the skincare side of her life!

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