COLUMBUS, OH – June 1, 2015 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – OYE! Business Intelligence Co-Founder and CEO, Natasha Pongonis, announced the company’s new client from the fast-food industry: Columbus, OH native and iconic US brand, White Castle. OYE! is a groundbreaking solution that will bring businesses real industry insights, and behaviors that can assist them in making quick campaign decisions, as well as gain an edge over their competitors not yet addressing this booming Hispanic market.

“As a team of Hispanics, we are very excited that OYE! has the capability to effectively analyze conversations among Latinos on popular forums like Instagram and Twitter, providing brands and organizations with culturally relevant QSR marketing for Hispanics via social intelligence to better communicate and engage,” Pongonis said during a recent interview.

qsr marketing for hispanics

Today, most platforms are able to identify language variance, but they fall short in consistently identifying Hispanics, matching geographic information and noting variance to the general market. OYE! has created a proprietary technology to segregate, analyze and report online conversations among Hispanics across all levels of acculturation.

Created in 2013, OYE! has quickly gained national attention, being named one of the top four finalists for the “Latino Start-up of the Year 2014,” and the only start-up led by a Latina. Since, OYE! has leveraged key strategic partnerships with The Latino Startup Alliance, Sensis and Jelena Group.

OYE! has started the year strong by securing year-long client subscriptions in the Financial and CPG industries, and, White Castle has become OYE!’s first official client in the QSR (fast food) industry. “OYE! is based in Columbus, Ohio, and counts on the invaluable collaboration of White Castle, a family-owned business also based in the same city, to optimize OYE! technology,” Pongonis said. “This serves to provide in-depth Hispanic social intelligence in the fast-food industry. OYE! will continue to deliver White Castle with Hispanic psychographic insights and trends in the U.S. as well as Puerto Rico.”

According to the Hispanic Fact Pack, “In 2013, U.S. Hispanic media spending rose by 8% to $8.3 billion, far ahead of the overall increase of just 0.9% in U.S. measured-media spend. “2015 is going to be a great year for us.” Pongonis, a recipient of the 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Latina Magazine added, “We’re just hoping to help as many brands and organizations as we can with our solution.”

To learn more about OYE!’s capabilities or sign up on the waiting list please follow the link here:

About OYE! Intelligence
OYE! is a Hispanic data analysis solution that analyzes, monitors, and reports online conversations among Hispanics offering brands and organizations a unique opportunity to develop culturally-relevant communication strategies.

OYE! technology is capable of monitoring Hispanics sharing conversations in Spanish, English and Spanglish providing our subscribers with intelligent analytics and marketing data to leverage targeted campaigns.