The biggest football game of the year is not just a battle between the two teams participating, but a battle between brands trying to catch the eyes of millions of people by showcasing their newest commercials promoting their products. Just prior to the game, the OYE! team put out a sneak preview of the top brands that were trending among Hispanics before Super Bowl 50. In this analysis, OYE! reviews all Latino Super Bowl marketing, and which drove online brand conversation among U.S. Hispanics on the day of the 2016 Super Bowl.

Share of Voice

Super-Bowl-AdsOYE! examined all of the conversations on February 7th by the quantity of Hispanic Super Bowl mentions and found that Pepsi had the highest share of voice among all advertisers with the commercial and ad campaign, #PepsiHalftime. 

Notably, T-Mobile, Budweiser and Doritos each had two or more commercials during the Super Bowl which helped these brands place highly with Hispanics as well on social channels.


Gender Analysis


It was very interesting to see that women led the overall U.S. Hispanic conversation with 61%  of the Super Bowl commercial mentions on gameday. Pepsi owned the overall conversation among both genders with mentions of the Cold Play and Beyonce performance as part of #PepsiHalftime. Honda’s singing sheep commercial was a significant conversation driver among males.

The platform that was used most among both genders was Twitter when Hispanics shared thoughts about these commercials online.


SB50 LocationsConversation among U.S. Hispanics had the largest volume of conversation on the west coast, focused in Southern California. Conversation also had a significant presence among Hispanics that reside in Texas and Florida. Overall, top 2 cities leading in Hispanic mentions were New York with 14% of the conversation followed by Los Angeles with 10%.





latino super bowl marketing T-Mobile led positive conversation among Latinos, largely driven by their commercials featuring the rapper Drake and comedian Steve Harvey. There was a higher level of neutral posts than OYE! normally finds for similar events, which was due to a high quantity of retweets that did not have an upbeat tone by consumers.



Language Analysis

Super-bowl-language Based on the data that OYE! collected, Hispanics tended to discuss Super Bowl 50’s commercials in English, at 85% of the time.  All bilingual posts (15% of the total) contained at least 1 word of Spanish and 1 word mentioning the ‘Super Bowl’, ‘SB50’ or similar.



This analysis covers over 25,000 U.S. Hispanic verified conversations gathered from Twitter, Facebook and the web at larger about Super Bowl 50. All data was pulled from the date of February 7th, 2016.


Latino Super Bowl Marketing Full Report

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