The diets of US Hispanics are thought to be heavily influenced by their countries of origin. Thus, Hispanic millennials diet preferences may then be influenced by parents and even grandparents who teach eating habits and diets to these young adults. In this study, OYE! software was used to sample over 6,000 online conversations regarding eating habits and diets from Hispanics, of which 51% of posts were from Hispanic millennials.

Hispanic Millennials Diet Preferences Details:

hispanic millennials diet

During the analysis, it was found that Hispanic millennial females (64%) had more online conversations about foods and beverages than Hispanic millennial males (36%). Among the Hispanic millennial demographic, the majority of online conversations were being posted in English (94%) followed by Spanish (6%). Also, important to note, is that the social channel where the majority of these online conversations were taking place was on Twitter (84%) followed by Facebook (10%), Forum (2%), Youtube (2%), and Blogs (2%).

Sentiment Analysis:

2nd graphsOverall, Hispanic millennials had a strong positive sentiment towards Snacks (49%), Healthy Eating (48%), Eating Habits (30%) and Beverages (43%). However, the numbers do differ as the data is divided between Hispanic males and Hispanic females. Hispanic males tended to have a more negative attitude towards Healthy Eating (25%), Eating Habits (38%) and Beverages (48%) than Hispanic females. On the other hand, Hispanic females tended to have a more positive sentiment attitude in all four categories Snacks (54%), Healthy Eating (52%), Eating Habits (35%) and Beverages (45%) than Hispanic males did.

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