[vc_row text_color=”#000000″][vc_column][vc_column_text]As Account Manager at OYE, I get dozens of questions each week about how the OYE! Hispanic intelligence software works. The one I find that comes up most often is about Nimble Response™ which has been our most popular product in 2017. At the core of Nimble Response™ is Hispanic micro-influencer marketing.

Nimble Response™, which is the grown-up, data-driven version of a surprise and delight campaign, is an OYE! product which allows nationally renowned companies to insert their brands into relevant online conversations, building brand awareness through tangible interactions with Hispanic consumers of different levels of influence.

Client Use Cases for Nimble Response™:

Two main opportunities for OYE! clients are: (a) converting Hispanic consumers unsatisfied with other brands, and (b) Surprise and Delight influencers and micro-influencers nationwide who will mention the advertised brand and create organic daily conversations.

What is great about Nimble Response™ is that micro-influencers (especially Hispanic ones) often go above and beyond with their creativity even including YouTube videos about the brand and how to use their product. An example is an image below where Jason Caceres recently created a video with his friend reviewing and having fun with one the products he received via Nimble Response™.

Hispanic Micro-Influencer Marketing

Hispanic Micro-influencer marketing
Many Hispanic micro-influencers take selfies with their product and post about them on their social media accounts; complete with hashtags that easily allow the brand to identify the ROI effectiveness of their campaign. It is interesting to see how these posts create a unique brand connection with consumers of all types.

And there you have it. If you would like more information about how your brand can implement this type of new campaign please feel free to contact me at Laura (at) oyeintelligence.com.

Examples of Great posts via Nimble Response™

Hispanic Micro-influencer marketing

Hispanic Micro-influencer marketing

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