The Miss Universe international competition is one of the most important and publicized beauty pageants, viewed by millions worldwide. The yearly competition is a stage where empowered women come forth and exhibit the confidence that has driven them to achieve their personal best and help make a change on both a local and global scale. The final for this year’s Miss Universe competition was held Sunday, November, 26th. OYE! software was used to create a one-day analysis to gather beauty pageant Hispanic insights allowing analysis on Miss Universe Hispanic conversation. During the date range of this OYE! analysis, there were over 20,000 online conversations discussing the Miss Universe final of which 4,848 conversations were from verified Hispanics.

miss universe hispanic conversationDuring the one-day analysis, the top 5 US locations for the Miss Universe competition were Paradise (86), Las Vegas (50), New York City (39), Los Angeles (33) and Miami (16).




After analysis of Miss Universe Hispanic conversation, positive sentiment (48%) was high, only slightly below neutral (49.6%) and while negative sentiment was low (2.4%). An example of a positive post retweeted by a US Hispanic was “The new MissUniverse is South Africa!!! Big congratulations to you queen @demileighnp You are so beautiful #missUniverse2017”. An example of a negative post by a US Hispanic was “Why is this nonsense still going on? This is a useless conceited attempt at entertaining the masses into believing one woman does a world of good for one year. #MissUniverse #MissSouthAfrica”

Miss South Africa (52%) had more than half of online conversations among US Hispanics due to her victory in the Miss Universe competition. Other contestants who appeared in online conversations among US Hispanics were Venezuela (18.9%), Colombia (18.5%), Philippines (5.7%) and Brasil (2.3%)

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