Recently, Eric Diaz, Partner and Cofounder of O.Y.E. Intelligence, was interviewed by Shoutout Arizona. In the article, Eric revealed which experiences and people have influenced him throughout his career, which included the four most valuable business lessons he learned from his mentor, Mike O’Brien, in his previous role a lifetime ago in his career at Staples, Inc. 

Eric Diaz being interviewed by the Phoenix Business Journal regarding cofounding O.Y.E. Intelligence.

Important Lessons Learned

Eric shared the following lessons learned during his time with the global company.

Lesson 1: If the response to your question will not affect your plan, don’t ask the question

Lesson 2: Your Job as an Employee is to make your Boss’s Life Easier

Lesson 3: Polite at ALL Times

Lesson 4: Always Add Value

Did you know?

In the same interview, Eric was asked “What should our readers know about your business?”

Eric followed, “When I was 18, I was a bad kid having been arrested half a dozen times for petty crimes that led me to spend a summer in juvenile detention. That winter, I visited Peru for the first time and got to know my extended family there. I realized as I met my three cousins (a lawyer, a doctor, and a psychologist) that I was squandering my own opportunities having been born in a much wealthier country, the U.S. I resolved to work harder from then on in order to take full advantage of the benefits I was born with.”

O.Y.E. Cofounder Stays Busy

Currently, Eric is primarily known as a Phoenix-area business owner in the marketing/technology industry. Eric leads the multicultural marketing agency Nativa and in 2013 co-founded our own O.Y.E. Intelligence software platform.

In addition to Eric’s foundation in multicultural marketing, he also opened a shared office space, Coworking on 15th Ave in 2014, and is an instructor at Phoenix College.

Eric Diaz content with colleagues at the Business Diversity Summit hosted by the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Eric Diaz attends the StartUp ScaleUp in Cleveland, OH.

Eric’s Favorite Phoenix-area Locations

Lastly, Eric closes with his favorite local go-to spots within the Phoenix Valley. If a friend were visiting him, these would be the places he’d take them.

1. Best HikeSouth Mountain Summit trail (fewer people, beautiful, and under 2 hours)

2. Best mealLolos or Cornish Pasty (both downtown)

3. On the waterTempe Town Lake – (rent a kayak/paddle boat from there cheap)

4. Best Bar and 365 days of live music –  Lost Leaf

5. Best Cigar Bar – Churchills

6. Bike Ride – Ride Central Ave from downtown all the way to South Mountain (bonus points if you ride to the top!)

The O.Y.E. Intelligence Phoenix office is located at Coworking on 15th Ave, where Eric and peers smile for a group picture above.