Hispanic Ice Cream Favorites
Multicultural Analysis

Project Description

We visit ice cream parlors to satisfy our sweet tooth with a delectable treat on hot summer days and for some, on cold winter days. But hey, who can blame them it’s a delicious delight. This soft frozen food is appetizing to people of all ages, genders and races; however, that is not to say that African American and Hispanic ice cream favorites are alike. Find out how five of the top ice cream parlor chains fare among multicultural audiences with diverse preferences.


In this report, OYE! software was utilized to deliver multicultural insights based on a sample of 30,304 social media conversations on Twitter about different fast-food burger chains from Twitter between 11/21/2018 – 02/19/2019. Download the free Report with your name and email at right to receive comparative analysis on (1) ethnicity, (2) gender, (3) sentiment as well as (4) top U.S. cities.

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