Fast-Food Hamburger Chains
Multicultural Analysis

Project Description

Fast food hamburger chains offer people fast, cheap and relatively tasty food options. Americans of all different beliefs, ages, and backgrounds can sit down and enjoy a meal at a restaurant, or pull up to a drive-thru at almost any time of the day. However, not all burger chains are the same. Chains compete to get people though their doors or drive-thrus, but how well do they do with Hispanic and African American audiences? Find out how seven of the top fast food hamburger chain brands fare among multicultural audiences with diverse preferences.


In this report, OYE! software was utilized to deliver multicultural insights based on a sample of 29, 302 social media conversations on Twitter about different fast-food burger chains from Twitter between 01/10/2019 – 01/13/2019. Download the free report with your name and email at right to receive comparative analysis on (1) ethnicity, (2) gender, (3) sentiment as well as (4) top U.S. cities. The Report also includes:

  • Topic analysis comparisons between Hispanic and African American consumers
  • Topic analysis comparisons between English-speaking, Spanish speaking, and Bilingual Hispanic consumers
  • Top shared social media posts among Hispanic and African American consumers
  • And comparisons between top influencers from the Hispanic and African American audiences

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