Cross-Cultural Opinions on the Phoenix Suns – Social Listening Report

Project Description

This study shares an O.Y.E. Intelligence analysis on cross-cultural opinions of the Phoenix Suns. The team has received plenty of social media attention this summer. From being one of the worst teams in the NBA the past ten years to emerging as the Western Conference Finals Champions, the Suns are exciting. In this O.Y.E. report, we perform a cross-cultural analysis that contains conversations regarding Suns star players, playoff buzz, and overall sentiment for the organization. Want to hear the opinions from the cross-cultural community regarding the Phoenix Suns? Find out by downloading this free report now!


This analysis was extrapolated from a data set of 78,934 conversations on Twitter, of which 18,831 were from verified U.S. Hispanics and 8,281 were from verified Black Americans. All data was gathered from 07/15/2021 – 08/25/2021.

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