Black Women, MeToo Movement
Multicultural Analysis

Project Description

There is much opinion today that black women and other minority females are yet to have their true #MeToo moment. The #MeToo Movement is is a campaign against sexual assault that strives to empower women and men to stand up against abusers that have powerful positions in their industry. The movement was founded in 2006 but went viral in 2016 due to the #MeToo hashtag used to share the experiences of the victims and therefore become part of the fight against sexual harassment. This multicultural analysis of what minorities including black women say about the MeToo movement and what lies ahead.


In this report, OYE! software was utilized to deliver multicultural insights based on a sample of 214,440 social media conversations on Twitter about the #MeToo Movement from Twitter between 08/01/2018 – 08/21/2018. Download the free Sample Version with your name and email at right to receive comparative analysis on (1) ethnicity, (2) gender, (3) sentiment as well as (4) top U.S. cities. Click the PayPal Add to Cart button below for the Full Version which includes:

  • Topic analysis comparisons between Hispanic and African American consumers
  • Topic analysis comparisons between English and Spanish speaking Hispanic consumers
  • Top shared social media posts among Hispanic and African American consumers
  • And comparisons between top influencers from the Hispanic and African American audiences

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