How are Communities Using the term Black Folx

Project Description

Insights derived from social conversation by OYE provide key details into multicultural consumers through their own statements about brands. OYE analyzes that conversation to allow brands to understand better ways to interact with these groups. OYE also provides insights on how to create campaigns tailored to these multicultural consumers.

In a recent report, the OYE tool picked up a common use of the term Black Folx, this short study was created to gather insights on the term and how are communities using Black Folx, with the goal to provide value for brands and organizations to know how hard to engage hard-to-reach audiences.


This analysis was extrapolated from a data set of 182,133 conversations on Twitter, of which 8,408 were from verified Hispanics and 10,972 were from verified Black Americans. All the data was gathered from 01/1/2020 – 06/29/2020.

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