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OYE! provides white label capabilities to marketing/strategy agencies and other data providers. Our experts will become an extension to your team to bring O.Y.E. ‘s knowledge and data analysis to the table; whether it’s via collecting data, creating reports or turning research into recommendations. O.Y.E. is fully committed to helping our partners grow and support their clients.

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O.Y.E.’s white label partnerships enable our colleagues to measure ROI for digital campaigns targeting diverse audiences, track campaign and competitor performance as well as identify micro-influencers (true consumers) driving conversations in specific industries.

Maximize client pitch opportunities by obtaining a competitive edge over other agencies

A data-driven analysis that shows the metrics clients need to make decisions

Secure additional budget from clients by delivering innovative and competitive solutions

Tailored analysis and reports from African American, English and Spanish-speaking consumers

Third party data integration and standardization capabilities to identify patterns and trends



The Challenge

JobsOhio, an economic development organization helping companies seize innovative growth opportunities in Ohio, approached O.Y.E. as a partner with the goal to identify talent in the state of Ohio and nationwide as well. The plan was to monitor 15 different professions via social media, websites, and forums to observe online conversations to find talent, trends, and partnership opportunities for end clients of JobsOhio.

Our Approach

O.Y.E. gathered dozens of keywords for each of 15 professions along with terminology and hashtags associated with these professions in order to find relevant online conversations on a monthly basis. O.Y.E. created monthly reports based on the data collected for each profession as well as data-driven insights. Also, O.Y.E. provided benchmarks for each profession to keep track of important metrics such as volume, gender, keywords and hashtags, and more. By this, end-clients of JobsOhio were able to keep track of talent and trends for these 15 professions.


By offering our partner consistent reporting with competitive insights, O.Y.E has helped JobsOhio end-clients not only to retain talent in the state of Ohio, but to also identify and attract talent nationwide.
O.Y.E. helps organizations collect and analyze key metrics among digital consumers.