Courtesy of Dallas Cowboys Facebook

Courtesy of Dallas Cowboys Facebook page

Who is ready for the 2017 NFL kickoff? Cowboys fans are!

According to Mexican NFL representative Francisco Olive, Mexico has more than 28.3 million NFL fans, and 9.9 million of them are self-reported hardcore fans. And as it turns out, many of them seem to be diehard Cowboy fans.

OYE! Intelligence software was utilized to provide an analysis on NFL Hispanic fans conversation prior to the start of the 2017 NFL pre-season. OYE! reports deliver insight on what English, Spanish, and bilingual speaking Hispanics have to say about a particular topic. Data analytics provide an effective way to monitor trends and behavior among online users. In the case of sports, it can provide insights toward relevant topics of conversations, sentiments towards one team or another; as well as providing a spark to create relevant, in-culture marketing campaigns based on this data.

OYE! Hispanic Analysis Methodology:

This analysis was extrapolated from a sample of 30,036 conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram of which 3,980 were from verified Hispanics. All data was gathered from April 1, 2017 – May 31, 2017.

Favorite Team Among NFL Hispanic Fans

Among U.S. Hispanic conversations analyzed, the Cowboys led in overall conversation.

Among the three teams analyzed, the Cowboys led all teams in Hispanic proportion at 14%. The Patriots and Steelers each held 6% Hispanic mentions in comparison. The gap between the Cowboys and the other teams may be a result of the Cowboys embracing the sizeable Hispanic fan base throughout the years as well as their relative proximity to NFL fans that reside in Mexico.

Language of Choice among NFL Hispanic Fans

nfl Hispanic fans language analysisAmong the three teams, the Cowboys (33%) had the highest percentage of Spanish conversations among Hispanics, followed closely by the Patriots (30%). The Steelers (79%) had the highest percentage of English conversations among Hispanics and the lowest percentage of Spanish conversations (13%).

Social Channels of Choice for Hispanic NFL Fans

nfl Hispanic fans Channel AnalysisIn regards to where the conversation was found about these top 3 teams, Twitter conversation dominated over Instagram and Facebook for both the Steelers (90%) and the Cowboys (73%). For all three teams, Twitter and Instagram made up the majority of conversation while Facebook was less than 10% for all three likely due to the private nature of Facebook data.

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Mexico has More NFL Fans than Anywhere Outside the U.S.: