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OYE! Business Intelligence

OYE! is a tool that can analyze, monitor and report online conversations among Hispanics helping to bridge the cultural gap with the Hispanic market.


Find where Hispanics are discussing your company,
whether it is along the eastern seaboard or more
prevalent in the Southwest.
Understand how the Hispanic audience
feels about your brand or topic whether
they speak English or Spanish. Know thy audience.
Males may buy your product in the store,but are women discussing
it more online? And more importantly,
what are they saying.
When Hispanics discuss your organization,
where are they? Which images do they share,
do certain groups of Hispanics discuss
topic more openly on specific channels?
Let us answer this for you.
Do Spanish speaking Hispanics
discuss one of your products
while English speaking Hispanics
discuss another?  Let us get to
the bottom of this.
Do Hispanics discuss purchase intent
when mentioning your newest product?
What are the reasons they share an
image of your newest electronic gadget?
We will find this for you..


Oye selected for the 10X Accelerator Class of 2013

OYE!Company Description
OYE! is a business intelligence tool that provides companies with unique insights into Spanish and Spanglish conversations online. This tool effectively tracks, segments, and monitors real-time online conversations so our clients can make educated business decisions and develop culturally relevant communications with the fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S.

OYE! provides an affordable business intelligence solution for brands, government agencies, political parties, nonprofit and educational organizations, PR agencies, and any other entity interested in communicating with Hispanics.

Natasha Pongonis, Co-Founder and Director
Natasha is a social media and business communications expert with extensive international marketing experience. She has developed key content for many organizations and Governmental agencies engaging the diverse Hispanic audiences through her understanding of communication between cultures, traditions, and regional variations of Spanish.
Natasha started her Architectural studies while living in Belgium, continued her degree in Argentina, and concluded her thesis studies at the University of Venice, Italy where she found her passion for multilingual marketing communication solutions while working for a European firm. Being fluent in four languages – English, Spanish, French & Italian – enables her to reach out and connect with a diverse digital audience across the globe.
A native of Argentina, she has worked with companies in Europe, North and South America developing a strong sense of understanding companies’ needs and assuring brands’ relevant online presence.

Eric Diaz, Co-founder and Principal
To stay on top of the newest trends in multicultural social media marketing, Eric participates in online conversations; researches best practices and industry trends, and discusses the newest wrinkles in social media programming & development.
Eric has worn many hats throughout his professional career. He spent parts of 2007 and 2008 in Shanghai, China serving an important marketing and supply chain development role for Staples, Inc. Eric worked with Staples, a Fortune 500 retailer, to construct a modern and efficient warehouse to help support the exponential company growth in the region additionally, as part of his Masters program Eric designed and executed a research study on the cultural influences and business activities within the Shanghai region contributing to its hyper-economic growth.
Eric completed his Masters Degree in Finance at Northeastern University in Boston while founding and becoming president of the Latin American MBA Association (LAMBAA). He completed his undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University and has a passion for helping people.


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