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OYE! effectively tracks, segments, and monitors real-time online conversations allowing clients to make educated business decisions and develop culturally relevant communications with the fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S.


targetGEO TARGETED ANALYSIS Find where Hispanics are discussing your company, whether it is along the eastern seaboard or more prevalent in the Southwest. Segment SEGMENT ANALYSIS Understand how the Hispanic audience feels about your brand or topic whether they speak English or Spanish. Know thy audience. Gender GENDER SEGMENTATION Males may buy your product in the store,but are women discussing it more online? And more importantly, what are they saying.
trendsHISPANIC ONLINE TRENDS When Hispanics discuss your organization, where are they? Which images do they share, do certain groups of Hispanics discuss topic more openly on specific channels? Let us answer this for you. VolumeVOLUME OF CONVERSATIONS Do Spanish speaking Hispanics discuss one of your products while English speaking Hispanics discuss another?  Let us get to the bottom of this. naturalHISPANIC ONLINE TRENDS Do Hispanics discuss purchase intent when mentioning your newest product? What are the reasons they share an image of your newest electronic gadget? We will find this for you..

INSTAGRAM and Twitter ELECTION 2016 HISPANIC POLITICAL TRACKER 9/26 – Presidential Debate

This week was the start of the first Presidential Debate this past Monday and OYE! analyzed gender, language, sentiment, and share of voice among U.S. Hispanics for the debate in this fourth weekly analysis which also included Twitter conversations. As the Hispanic presidential debate conversations progress OYE! will analyze conversations the day of the debate only and continue to track weekly conversations when there are no scheduled debates. Read the previous three weeks of the Hispanic Politics tracker here: Week 1 Hispanic Political Tracker , Week 2 Latino Political Tracker & Week 3 Hispanic Political Tracker.





With Twitter and Instagram combined this week we see that Trump mentions among U.S. Hispanics continued to be significantly higher than Clinton’s at a rate of 98% vs. 2% and almost doubling in overall conversations for one day compared to U.S. Hispanics conversations for the previous week, which was under 1,000 total conversations.



During the first Presidential Debate, there were more male conversations than female, Trump did have more Hispanic women mention him than Clinton.


During the Presidential debate, English was the most language compared to last week where Spanish and bilingual combined were 32% for Clinton and 36% for Trump. During Monday’s debate, Clinton did not have any bilingual mentions compared to Trump’s 8% in both bilingual and Spanish.


When it came to sentiment for the Presidential Debate, Clinton had just 1% more than Trump in positive sentiment and she also had the highest negative sentiment with 11% compared to Trump’s 9%. Last week Trump had high positive sentiment (28%) and 17% belonged to Clinton.


This analysis is based on a sample of  1,998 U.S. Hispanic conversations in which one candidate was mentioned exclusively. OYE! analyzed hashtags, ‘#Trump2016’ and ‘#Clinton2016’. The data was gathered from Instagram and Twitter on September 26, 2016.


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  • Natasha Pongonis – CEO


    As CEO of OYE!, Natasha sets the overall vision and strategy of the company and communicates this to all stakeholders. She overseesoperations, financing and new hires as well as external communications, business development, marketing and sales efforts.

    Natasha is responsible for the development and management of investor relationships that includes attracting, managing, and closing funding rounds. In 2014 Natasha was the recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Latina Style Magazine and earlier in the year she received Honorable Mention at the Enterprising Women of the Year Award.

    Natasha holds an Architectural degree from the Catholic University of Cordoba, Argentina, and concluded her thesis studies in Architecture at the University of Venice, Italy where she found her passion for marketing and communications. She’s a proud hockey mom and mother of two children.

  • Eric Diaz – CFO

    OYE! co-founder Eric Diaz

    Eric is responsible for account management, reporting creation and procedures including data analysis and supporting product optimization. In addition to maintaining direct contact with OYE!’s clients, he also is responsible for marketing, social media, and PR planning. Eric works in partnership with the CEO to manage all financial, accounting, budgeting as well as cash management in accordance with P&L.

    Eric has worn many hats throughout his professional career. He spent parts of 2007 and 2008 in Shanghai, China’s economic capital, serving an important supply chain development role for Staples, Inc., a Fortune 500 retailer constructing a modern and efficient warehouse to help support the exponential company growth in the region. Since 2014, Eric has held key roles in 2 Phoenix area non-profits, including Collectivo and NSHMBA (National Society of Hispanic MBA’s). Eric completed his Master Degree in Finance at Northeastern University in Boston and obtained his undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University.

  • Daniel Diman – CTO


    Dan leads and assures the successful development, deployment and optimization of technologies supporting OYE! Business Intelligence. His role is to set standards and best practices for development and technology selection as well as to support and train new team members.
    Dan partners with fellow leadership team members in product roadmap planning, ensuring technical alignment and identifying, assessing and overcoming technical challenges associated with product delivery and business growth.

    He holds a degree from Carleton College and lives in Columbus, OH, where he and his wife are enjoying their son’s second year.

  • Sylvia Vasquez – Bilingual Analyst


    Sylvia researches consumer habits for OYE! by collecting data and formulates logical and actionable reports to meet the client’s needs.

    Sylvia graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors in Communications Studies and a minor in Public Relations and Strategic Communication.

    A coffee enthusiast and dog lover with a sweet tooth from the Bay Area, In her spare time, she loves reading just about anything from business books to fashion magazines, suggestions are always appreciated.

  • Rafael Amezcua – Marketing Manager

    rafael amezcua marketing manager

    Rafael is a passionate and energetic marketer with a love for Mexican food, craft beer, and espresso drinks. Rafael graduated with a Bachelors in International Trade at the University La Salle in Mexico, and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

    In his spare time, Rafael enjoys spending time with family, carne asada, hiking the beautiful Arizona desert mountains, and meeting new people at networking events. As a Marketing Manager, Rafael oversees business development efforts and client relationships.





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