This week we have another Multicultural Influencer Feature coming at you! This influencer is @Keto_Comadre, Anely, who is huge on the keto diet, showing her transformation as she incorporates the keto diet into her lifestyle. She is a mother and works full time at an insurance agency. However, she is also going back to school to get her teaching degree, and is an influencer all at the same time! Her journey to becoming a multicultural influencer started with Anely wanting to share her weight loss journey using the keto diet which ended up leading her to become an influencer.

Anely’s Instagram is full of amazing dishes that follow her keto diet to bring inspiration to people who either want to pursue a keto diet or for people who just need inspiration for something new to eat that will help them stay within their keto diet restrictions. Besides food, Anely likes to post about her daily life, this allows her to connect with her audience. Being a very relatable influencer is something that Anely feels like makes her unique, she like that she is able to connect with mothers, and working mothers as well because they are able to relate to her. She also feels that because she is able to integrate her Mexican culture into her daily life it makes her very original to the audience as she incorporates her culture into her diet.

In case you didn’t know the keto diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carb diet that allows your body to hit ketosis. This is a state in which your body gets when you consume low carbs and high fats, which causes your body to burn fat rather than burn carbs. This diet is becoming a lot more popular as people see the results that a diet with these restrictions.

🔥Rapid Fire Questions🔥

  • Birthday: October 21, 1980
  • Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois 
  • Number of followers: 12,000 on Instagram
  • Favorite food: Mexican food, tacos
  • Favorite make-up product: Tarte cosmetics, highlighters and bronzers
  • Person you admire the most: her sister
  • Favorite Netflix series: Ingobernable with Kate del Castillo
  • Favorite YouTuber: Dulce Candy
  • Favorite brand: Atotonilco, Mexican snacks
  • Starbucks’ go-to drink: Nitro Cold Brew
  • Biggest fear: Bridges than open
  • Favorite Quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi
  • Favorite word: determination

Check out some of our favorite posts by @Keto_Comadre!

Anely’s keto friendly, cabbage and FUD Tapatio Smoked Sausage! This looks to die for! 🤤


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Tapatio Smoked Sausages w/Cabbage, Peppers & Onions! . . . 2 Slices Bacon 🥓 (not pictured) . 6 Sausages . 2 cups cabbage . 2 jalapeños . 1 bell pepper . 1 small onion . Seasonings… @traderjoes onion salt, garlic powder, 21 seasoning salute, paprika… . salt (pink himalayan) & pepper . . . Sauté bacon & sausage for a few min (5) then add in onion & peppers sauté for another 5 min, add in cabbage and seasoning… cook until cabbage softens to desired consistency (I prefer mine a bit crunchy) . . . . Macros on last pic are per serving! Makes about 6- 8 servings, depending on serving size 😉 . . . #ketofood #onepanmeal #30minketomeals #thisisketofastfood #ketomom #ketomadesimple #ketowholefoods #realketofood #ketoveggies #lowcarbrecipes #ketorecipes

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What a transformation! 😲 @Keto_Comadre is very inspiring to those aspiring to lose weight!

@Keto_Comadre loves showcasing her Mexican culture in her recipes!🇲🇽


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What I ate today: Day 7 of 💯 days of Keto. . . . 1 Bullet Proof Coffee for lunch . 2 servings of Fajitas . 1 Serving of Green Beans . . . I did IF (intermittent fasting) for 18 hours… I broke my fast with a simple Fat Coffee, ate dinner two hours later… and began a 24 hr fast! . . I did go off plan for both Keto and Dairy on Sunday as I ate ice cream 😱 BUT it’s ok just picked up right where I left off. Will it undo all my hard work? No. . I’m lucky that I didn’t get completely kicked out of ketosis! But I know it’s because I was high in ketosis. My GKI was at a 3 and today I was at 9 and I ain’t mad at all… however I did push it and I’m aware that I cannot do that as it’s not optional for my goals. . . . In the next few days I’ll be posting Ketone levels and GKI information! Specifically geared towards those who are using Keto for health purposes. . . #ketomakesmehealthy #ketoforhealing #ketoformentalhealth #ketomom #ketolatina #ketochicago #ketopormisalud #mexiketomonday

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If you want to learn more about going keto check out @Keto_Comadre’s Instagram and get inspired to start your diet today!


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