We are so excited to present to you our multicultural influencer of the week! This time we meet Asma Sufian or @Glazaam as she is known on Instagram. Our OYE software first ‘met’ Asma while searching for fashion influencers for a recent client campaign.

Asma has been an influential fashion advisor for nine years and a model for many different brands. Sheinfluential fashion advisor lives in Toronto, Canada, and her passion is to look authentic and create new stylings every day.

During our interview with Asma, she relayed to us that her mom is very into art, fashion, and interior design. That’s why since Asma was a little girl she spent her time watching fashion television and reading magazines such as Vogue. From those early days, she learned so much and began at a young age to create different outfits for each day. She genuinely believes that fashion is a way to express yourself and that your style makes you unique. Read on for more in our interview with influential fashion advisor @Glazaam!

What motivated you to become an Influential Fashion Advisor and what’s your favorite part?

It took me some time to make the decision of opening my Instagram account because I am a very timid person but love fashion and wanted to share my knowledge. At first, I was a little scared of what people were going to think of me. Because I was bullied (as a child), and I grew up with the feeling that someone was judging me all the time. But through the years, I found the courage to stand (up) for myself and fight for my dream.

“I want to spread awareness in women and help them feel self-confident and together as one community – that we all feel accepted.”

Below – Asma shares her motivation.

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Fashion is like food; you shouldn’t stick to the same menu. I love layering especially this time of year when there’s no snow left but really windy out. It’s still a beautiful day out. This is a great time to make outfits from your closet in advance so you can play around with your clothes and be different. Pants @oakandfort Boots @ralphlauren Jacket @wildfableattarget Purse @winners Shirt @zara . . . . #fashionstyles #stylinglayers #torontovibes #localshops #oakandfort @ontariobloggers @canadianbloggergals @torontofashiondaily #glazaamersoftoronto #styleinspow #dailystyle #torontofashionblogger #torontowardrobestylist #canadianartist #coronaextra #liveyourlifebefree #winnersfabfind #queenstreetwest #queenstreet #spring2020 #petitefashion #petitegirl

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Who is your Target Audience?

Asma explained that her primary audience is women that are looking for inspiration on business-casual and sophisticated outfits. Focusing her content on how to style, add accessories, and to inspire confidence in women’s fashion.

Tell us a story that people would not guess about you.

While In high school, I applied to be a model at the mall. I had to walk the runway and answer questions in front of high schoolers and strangers. At that moment of my life, I was so shy and quiet, but I still did it. Unfortunately, I did not get the modeling gig, but at least I tried.


🔥Rapid-Fire Questions🔥

Birthday: December baby!
Birthplace: Nova Scotia
Number of followers: 4,000
Favorite food: Chocolate
Favorite make-up or skincare product: Natural
Person you admire the most: My mom
Favorite Netflix series: Cable Girls
Favorite YouTuber: Shea Whitney
Favorite brand: MAC Foundation
Starbucks’ go-to drink: Raspberry lemonade
Biggest fear: Being in cold water
Favorite quote: “Stay Glamorous and amazing Glazaaming’
Favorite word: Love


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