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Access to the OYE dashboard provides our users with real-time data analysis to understand what multicultural consumers including U.S. Hispanic and African Americans say about their brand or topic. The platform is keyword based and provides summaries that can easily be compared between ethnicities.

Highlights from standard summaries include;

  • African American and U.S. Hispanic similarities and contrasts
  • Volume of conversation by ethnicity in comparison with the general market
  • Sentiment analysis by ethnicity
  • Gender segmentation by ethnicity
  • Language analysis comparing Hispanics by level of acculturation
  • Top locations by ethnicity
  • Highest ranked influencers by topic
  • Top Shared post by ethnicity
  • Topic analysis by ethnicity

OYE clients use these insights provided through the OYE dashboard in analyzing past campaigns from peers and competitors and for planning their content towards multicultural consumers based on industry trends.

The software offers an easy-to-use dashboard where the user may input the keywords and hashtags that they would like to search. The software allows users to obtain up to 30 days of conversation and up to 10,000 multicultural consumer conversations per month.

Clients can customize the OYE dashboard summaries by region, brand, ethnicity, and language.

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