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OYE uses real-time data analysis to capture top interests that influencers discuss on social media and can be updated on demand. Our clients use these insights provided by the multicultural Influencer Tracker for a multitude of purposes including strategizing content that will relate with targeted multicultural consumers as well as real-time media planning.

The software offers a user dashboard where the user can log in and view currently trending keywords and hashtags. The software also offers a wordcloud within a wordcloud, where users select a displayed keyword, then view a list of sub-keywords. This allows for an in-depth look at the pulse of what is trending among influencers.

Clients can customize the Influencer Tracker by region, channel, ethnicity, and language.

In addition to dashboard access, summary report graphs will be emailed to you weekly or daily as you please containing insights on top influencers from multicultural communities including Hispanic and African American consumers.

Stay in the know with the multicultural Influencer Tracker. Subscribe now using the link below.


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