multicultural plant-based meat

How Plant-Based Meat in Fast-Food restaurants is perceived among Hispanics and African Americans

Plant-Based meat has become a popular topic in the last few years. Some of the largest fast-food restaurants have made plant-based options more affordable and accessible to everyone.

OYE! Intelligence software was tasked with providing an analysis of 3 different fast-food restaurants (KFC, Burger King and Carl’s Jr). OYE! reports deliver insight on what English, Spanish, and bilingual speaking Hispanics, as well as African American consumers, have to say about any particular topic. These data analytics provide an effective way to monitor trends and behavior among online users. In the case of plant-based meat, the analysis can provide insights towards relevant topics of conversations, as well as providing a spark to create relevant, in-culture marketing campaigns based on this data.

OYE! Multicultural Plant-Based Meat Analysis Methodology

This analysis was extrapolated from a data set of 7,642 conversations on Twitter, of which 130 were from verified Hispanics and 103 were from verified African Americans. All the data was gathered from January 20, 2020 to February 20, 2020. 

Favorite Topics Among Hispanics

multicultural plant-based meat

Beyond Meat was a very popular topic among the Hispanic and African American communities while discussing all three brands. Vegan (40%) was also a common topic among KFC and Burger King posts and of course the Impossible Whopper (11.6%) resonated in Burger King online discussion.

Language of Choice Among the Hispanic Audience

Notably, for Hispanics, English made up the majority of online conversations during the time range of analysis at 85% overall. Burger King was the brand that had the highest number of bilingual (11.3%) and Spanish conversations (9.9%). Carls Jr. was the only brand that had English conversations exclusively (100%).

Overall, Hispanic and African American males made up the majority of online conversations. As pictured above on the Hispanic gender analysis graph, Carl’s Jr (66.7%) and Burger King (69.2%) had a majority of male conversations. The brand that had the most Female conversations was KFC (45.2%).

But that is not all. We have just scratched the surface in this blog, see the full report for additional plant-based meat Hispanic and African American audience conversation trends as well as differing opinions on meat alternatives.

Download the full Multicultural Plant-Based Meat Report Here: