The decision on pursuing higher education is not typically easy especially when trying to figure out which college or university is a best for our young adults. In this short study, the OYE! platform analyzed what college-going Latinos discussed online via Instagram regarding three of the top options for Arizona higher education including; Arizona State University, University of Arizona and Grand Canyon University.

Latino EducationLatino Education – Conversation Volume

The OYE! platform analyzed all Arizona university conversation on Instagram and found out that out of the three main universities studied, Arizona State was the most mentioned in total volume among Hispanics and non-Hispanics but that the school had a smaller proportion of Hispanic mentions with 10%. Meanwhile, the University of Arizona had 11% Hispanic proportion and Grand Canyon University had a 15% Hispanic segment respectively.


Latino EducationLatino Education – Language Analysis

Interesting to a general public that largely still assumes that all Hispanics speak Spanish, is that Hispanics overwhelmingly discussed universities on Instagram in English at 85%. Notably, Grand Canyon University had the largest portion of both pure Spanish and bilingual (meaning at least one word in English and Spanish) mentions over its two more well-known peers. The University of Arizona was found to be almost exclusively discussed by acculturated, English-speaking Hispanics, with 97% of all mentions in English.


Latino EducationSentiment and Gender Analysis

Arizona State University conversations produced a slightly higher positive sentiment (44%) of all mentions among Hispanics compared to the other two universities. All three schools had approximately 6% negative sentiment. Download the full report to see examples of posts with positive and negative sentiment.

Hispanic women dominated university conversation, at a rate of 70% female to 30% male. Grand Canyon University and the University of Arizona were the most predominantly discussed by women at 77% and 75% respectively. Out of the three universities examined, Arizona State University had the highest male conversation at 35%.


This analysis covers over 1,900 Hispanic verified conversations gathered from over 18,000 Instagram posts about Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University and the University of Arizona. All data was collected between January 1, 2016 – February 23, 2016.

Full Report

Download the full Arizona Latino Education Universities Report to get instant access to OYE! Hispanic consumer insights.

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