During Hispanic Heritage Month, Celebrities was one of the topic discussed during the month long celebration. In addition to the 30 day time range of the important month, we also looked at the week before Hispanic Heritage Month to gather any announcements of anticipated events and celebrations.

Gloria Estefan was mentioned 46% of the time in the Celebrity conversation due to a partnership with McDonald’s including her in their “Celebrando Nuestras Leyendas” (Celebrating Our Legends) campaign during Hispanic Heritage Month.  Selena continued to create conversation coming in second place with 25% with tributes to her since her early passing in 1995.


Hispanic conversations on celebrities. Gloria Estefan 46%, Selena 25%

Hispanic conversations about celebrities by social media channel, 62% Twitter

Selena dominated in Twitter conversation while Gloria Estefan led on Facebook and other online media sources. Selena’s legacy still remains alive in the Hispanic community with tweets from passionate fans playing her songs.

hispanic online conversations on celebrities by sentiment, 77% neutral

77% of all Celebrities conversation was Positive, with again Selena and Gloria Estefan leading this conversation.

Hispanic online conversation on celebrities by language, 90% english.

Marc Anthony led the Bilingual conversation, while Gloria Estefan led English and Spanish conversation. A Marc Anthony mention,d”RT @MarcAnthony Celebrating #HispanicHeritageMonth 2015 & the invaluable ways #Hispanic community contributes to our country #LATINOSUNITE #HHM @WhiteHouse”  was retweeted and shared over 50 times.



This analysis covers over 44,000 conversations gathered from Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and forums about the topic of Hispanic Heritage Month. All data was pulled between September 8th and October 15th of 2015.