Recently OYE! conducted the 2016 Hispanic Political Tracker, a four-week analysis of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, leading up to the 2016 Presidential election. With the outcome of the 2016 elections having passed, we take a deeper look at the OYE! analytics leading up to the Presidential Hispanic election results.


Regardless of who your vote was for, there was definitely a large part of the American population that was surprised by the results. However, one could say that his victory shouldn’t necessarily be a surprise given that the analytics showed Trump dominating online conversations with both Hispanics and the general market. In the first week of the OYE! political tracker, Trump claimed 90% of all mentions where one candidate was mentioned exclusively by U.S. Hispanics on either Instagram or Twitter. Conversely, only 10% of U.S. Hispanics mentioned Clinton exclusively. As the weeks progressed, Trump’s 90% mention rate increased to 92%, 98%, and 98% respectively.

Hispanic election results


While Trump being mentioned in Hispanic online conversations more frequently than Clinton does not necessarily equate to a victory, the data shows that Clinton’s initial 44% positive sentiment in online conversations dwindled down to just 24% by the final week of tracking.



Looking back at the first Presidential Debate, Clinton had just 1% more positive sentiment than Trump among Hispanics and also owned the highest negative sentiment with 11%, compared to Trump’s 9%.



Further, Trump’s negative sentiment in Hispanic conversations was as high as 21% and as low as 9%, while Clinton’s negative sentiment topped 16% at its highest point, and 9% at its lowest. The negative sentiment for Trump was not found to be significantly higher than Clinton’s throughout the analysis and partly explains why many voted for Trump as the new President.


To view the data of our Hispanic Political tracker including the first Presidential Debate here visit: Week 1 Hispanic Political TrackerWeek 2 Latino Political Tracker, Week 3 Hispanic Political Tracker- Presidential Debate, Week 4 Hispanic Political Tracker- Presidential Debate. 


This analysis is based on a four independent samples of 1,100; 994; 1,998; 2,829 U.S. Hispanic conversations respectively, in which one candidate was mentioned exclusively in each post. Keywords analyzed by OYE! were the hashtags, ‘#Trump2016’ and ‘#Clinton2016’. The data was gathered from Instagram and Twitter from September 5, 2016 – October 2, 2016.