Coronavirus Latinx Economic Impact Update

As a follow up from the past two weeks (week 1 video and week 2 video) the OYE team breaks down various trends in U.S Hispanic conversations regarding COVID-19 and its economic impact on the Latinx community. In this video, OYE software was used to listen via social media to discussions focused on the economy.

What is Latinx? Latinx is, more recently, a new, gender-neutral, pan-ethnic label to describe the nation’s Hispanic population. The emergence of Latinx coincides with a global movement to introduce gender-neutral nouns and pronouns into many languages whose grammar has traditionally used male or female constructions. It was added to a widely used English dictionary in 2018, reflecting its greater use. Yet the use of Latinx is not common practice, and the term’s emergence has generated debate about its appropriateness in a gendered language like Spanish.

A few key points from this report were:

  1. Hispanics nationwide are sharing regional activities that businesses are doing to support each other.

  2. People are talking about businesses that are helping their employees.

  3. There is significant concern about pending Latino unemployment.

  4. Most uplifting was a surge in positive sentiment this week from coronavirus Latinx economic posts.

Coronavirus Latinx Economic Impact Video:


Watch the video and download the full report below.

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