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The CES 2020 Hispanic Audience

CES is one of the biggest tech conferences in the United States that happens every year. According to CES itself, there were more than 4,400 companies exhibiting, over 250 conference sessions and more than 170,000 attendees from 160 countries.

OYE! Intelligence software was utilized to provide an analysis of CES 2020 Hispanic audience conversations occurring during the 3-day conference. OYE! reports deliver insight on what English, Spanish, and bilingual speaking Hispanics, as well as African American consumers, have to say about any particular topic. These data analytics provide an effective way to monitor trends and behavior among online users. In the case of CES, it can provide insights towards relevant topics of conversations, sentiments towards one industry trend or another: as well as providing a spark to create relevant, in-culture marketing campaigns based on this data.

OYE! Multicultural Analysis Methodology

This analysis was extrapolated from a sample of 103,143 conversations on Twitter, of which 4,782 were from verified Hispanics. All data was gathered from January 7, 2020-January 10, 2020.

Favorite Topics Among Hispanics at CES 2020

Among U. S. Hispanic conversations analyzed, artificial intelligence and the company GE led in the overall conversation.ces 2020 hispanic audience

Among all of the CES 2020 Hispanic audience Twitter conversations analyzed, artificial intelligence and GE led all topics in Hispanic proportion, with nearly 60% of all conversations related to these two topics. These conversation drivers were followed by Samsung (4.3%), Ivanka Trump (4.1%) and LG (3.9%). The gap between the top two topics (artificial intelligence and GE) compared to the others is likely a result of artificial intelligence being one of the hottest topics of the conference and because GE had many notable products at the conference being showcased as well.

Language of Choice among CES 2020 Hispanic Audience

After analyzing all of the Hispanic conversations on Twitter from the conference, most of the conversations were in English (73%), followed by bilingual conversations (14.1%) and finally pure Spanish conversations (12.9%). This is a key point that marketers need to keep in mind when creating content targeting Hispanic technology audiences, the majority use English or are bilingual (87%).

Hispanic Gender Analysis

After analyzing all of the Hispanic conversations on Twitter from the conference, there was a large difference between the number of Hispanic women and Hispanic men posting about CES 2020. Hispanic men made up  78.7% of Hispanic conversations whereas females made up only 21.3% of conversations.

But that is not all. We have just scratched the surface here, see the full report for additional CES 2020 Hispanic audience conversation as well as trends in African American discussion at the conference.

Download the Full Hispanic CES 2020 Report

Read the complete analysis, download the free CES 2020 report now:

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