Weekly Multicultural Marketing Insights


Subscribers to weekly Multicultural Marketing Insights receive weekly updates with the latest multicultural marketing reports. Each enhanced report contains a thorough analysis of a highly relevant topic that is driving multicultural engagement nationwide.

Monthly you will receive one report from each of the following four industries:

Week 1: Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) (Recent reports: Salty Snacks, Nutritional Supplements, Hair Care)
Week 2: Entertainment (Recent reports: Incredibles II, SXSW, Dating Apps, 75th Golden Globes)
Week 3: Education (Recent reports: Arizona Universities, Top Education Topics)
Week 4: Retail (Recent Reports: Convenience Stores, Black Friday Shopping, Online Shopping)

These reports will be emailed to you weekly and will always contain the following regarding Hispanic and African American consumers:

  • African American and U.S. Hispanic similarities and contrasts
  • Volume of conversation by ethnicity in comparison with the general market
  • Sentiment analysis by ethnicity
  • Gender segmentation by ethnicity
  • Language analysis comparing Hispanics by level of acculturation
  • Top locations by ethnicity
  • Highest ranked influencers by topic
  • Top Shared post by ethnicity
  • Topic analysis by ethnicity
  • Additionally, you will have access to our archives of Enhanced Reports.

Stay in the know with weekly multicultural insights. Subscribe now using the link below.


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